Friday, November 12, 2010


Things have been looking up lately. Nothing's really changed, just my attitude toward everything has changed. I think I mentioned that before in a previous post. Things just seem to be coming together nicely. Baby boy due in 10 weeks, applying for a loan for a house in 3 weeks, going Black Friday Shopping in 2 weeks, get to start spending way more time with Lilly starting next week...what could be better? Now I was looking at the house we are wanting and its far different from what I had imagined to be my "dream home," but it fits us. I seriously feel like we were meant to have that house. I don't know why. The bedrooms are kinda small, the kitchen isn't all that big, the entire house needs a lot of work, the neighbors are really close.......but I feel like I was meant to be in that house. No other house.....THAT one. And every time I picture our future, its always in THAT house. I daydream sometimes about how things will be later on in life, like when the baby is born or the kids growing up together and playing in the backyard or Christmas......its always in that house.
Took Lilly to visit family yesterday. Mom finally got to feel the baby kick. Yesterday was a good day. Lilly listened well and didn't get into any trouble and she had a lot of fun, too. On my way back home I had to drop her off to her father. I cried on my drive back home. It happens sometimes. I just miss her so much sometimes. I miss her all the time, but every now and then, it just hits me really hard.
I have a doc appt today, hopefully get the results back from my blood test. Fingers crossed that everything is ok. Can you believe it?? 10 weeks!! Where did the time go? And we still don't have a name for him!!

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  1. That's great! I hope you get it. :)

    Also, don't worry -- you'll come up with a name! I didn't have a name until my last day in the hospital! Well I guess I did, Baby Girl Johnson, but I'm glad my parents finally settled on a name.