Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A lot going on

Finally found Lilly the dollhouse that I think she will love. She's never really had a dollhouse yet. I did get her a Barbie townhouse one year for Christmas, but it ended up in the storage building due to lack of space. I never had a dollhouse growing up and I always wanted one. I think she is old enough now to care for all those small parts. I'm actually super excited over this one. Its big, its fully furnished and it comes with the entire family. A mom, dad, big sister and baby twins. So cute. Its only $160. For all that and to see her expression, I would pay way more. So, come next pay day, I'm out to get that for her and hubby's thing for his 4-wheeler. I would do it all today, but (1) I'm out of space to hide things until I can start wrapping and putting under the tree (we aren't putting up the tree just yet, we have to see if we can get the house before Christmas first) and (2) I have to use what money I have left out of this pay check to pay off the rest of my medical bill. I do feel kinda bad. I don't know if I can explain it right, but I will try. I am super excited over Christmas and so is Lilly. It is our favorite holiday. I just really love the FEEL of it all and seeing everyone's face when they open up the present that I spent forever trying to find and make perfect. I love the smell of Christmas. Its just all so wonderful. Ok...back on track. I don't want to NOT decorate and get ready for Christmas, but at the same time I don't want to. I would like to wait to see if we can move before Christmas, but I don't want it to be the week before when we decorate, either. I don't see the point in decorating and putting up the tree and wrapping presents when we'll have to pick everything up, pack and move it. But I don't want to not decorate just because we are waiting on an answer for the house. I think it would feel like we aren't celebrating or something. Lilly keeps asking when we are going to put up our lights and tree and I don't really know what to tell her. I don't want to tell her we are waiting 'til we see if we get a house cuz then she will get excited about that and we might not get it. Does any of that make any sense?? Maybe we could put up just a few lights and one of our little trees until we know what's going on. That way we wouldn't have much to take down if we do get to move. And just not wrap until it gets closer to Christmas or we have an answer or whatever. I don't know. I need to talk it over with hubby. I think he will want to wait, but I don't think I can. Its our last year with Lilly as the only child and I want to make it extra special for her. Don't get me wrong....a house for a Christmas present...what could be any better than that?
The cravings are starting to kick in. I'm craving coffee and milk, not at the same time though. Late at night I will want some milk and in the morning and sometimes evenings I will want coffee. With Lilly I craved hot sauce, Ranch dressing and ketchup....again...not together. I did and still do put hot sauce and Ranch dressing together. I like em in a salad like that.
I'm not feeling particularly well today. I'm having aches in weird places. Not only am I aching on the inside, my hips, lower back, knees, and head aches. I can't breathe anymore either. I read that my sinus cavities will swell up. They've been swollen for a long time and my nose has been stuff, but I guess where the air is getting dry, its making it worse. I've been having nose bleeds too. The baby is also pushing on all the wrong things making breathing even harder. He even kicks and plays with my hip bones and ribs. I swear I can feel him tickling my bladder just to make me mad. I use to feel his hiccups near my right hip and nowhere else, but now its kinda moves and I can feel it in my back and right above my belly button.
I had a sugar crash or whatever its called yesterday. My blood sugar got too low and I got sick, shaky and dizzy. I brought a Gatorade today just in case it happens again. I think I'm going to invest in a pack of it to bring from now on. Heartburn has calmed down a bit. Yeah, when I go buy 6 rolls of Tums, it basically goes away. Nice. Its very exciting though cuz tonight we are having tacos and I don't have to worry about breathing fire later. I also feel that if I stand up straight, I will topple over. I've noticed that I do stand/walk with a little arch now. I do have an almost constant dull headache right in the front around my forehead. My teeth also hurt. My gums have been swollen for weeks, which the doc said is normal. Ok, I understand that a lot of these aches and pains and discomforts are 'normal' but they still really suck and I think there needs to be ways to relieve or cure some of them. There really aren't. Doc says, drink more water, prop your feet up, take it easy, brush twice a day, stretch, go on small walks, take some Tums, eat more often but with smaller meals....I already do all of that. What else can I do? Grint my teeth and bear it remembering that I only have......what am I down to now....8 weeks?.......left and then I will have this little baby to hold in my arms and spit up on me. I can't wait! ^_^


  1. Hello!
    just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy & that I hope everything goes well!. I hope that you get that house you've been after for so long before christmas & wish you all the best for the new bundle of joy you are about to bring into this world.
    I have to say after reading your blog pretty much everyday since seeing your blog on 1000awesomethings.com, I have come to love reading your thoughts daily & I love seeing what life is like on the other side of the world!.
    I also agree with you on the smell & feel of Christmas.. I absolutely love it & my mum has been decorating the house every year since I was young. Its a great experience to live & walk into a house that is full of love & christmas cheer :)
    With your delemia of whether or not to put up the christmas decorations, I say at least put up a few things so Lily & yourself can enjoy. But also at the same time start packing away a few things that you wont be using anytime soon, just to get a head start on when you do finally get that house!
    I wish you all the best Bekah & take care!.
    Simone. x

  2. Wow, Thank you so much Simone!! :-)