Monday, November 29, 2010


Thursday...........sucked. I didn't get to see any of my family. Spent the whole day with hubby's family. He doesn't get it. He hasn't gone a holiday without his family yet, but I do it almost every time. I hate it.
Friday was good. I got everything I intended on getting and then some. It rained, it snowed, it was cold...but really hot in the stores. It didn't seem as crowded this year as it was last year. We only waited in the check out line at Target for one hour this year instead of two. We did make a plan and a route, but it all went down the drain due to my bff's forgetfulness. The stuff I wanted at Walmart all went on sale at midnight and she thought that her stuff didn't go on sale until 5...but her's did indeed go on sale at midnight too. So, here's how things went....
We started out at the Walmart next to my house, I got an excellent parking spot almost right in front of the doors. I grabbed the things I wanted, but was short one toy cuz the shelf was empty so I grabbed the next best thing. We ended up in a short line and then a lady in the line next to ours put her toy back that was the one I originally wanted, so I grabbed it up and put the other one down. How awesome is that?! (I got Lilly a Littlest Pet Shop playhouse, a Squinkie playhouse, some extra Squinkies, two winter coats and I don't remember what else) So, we head off to the major shopping area a few miles away. We drive close to Target and see the line is already horrible and the store doesn't open for another 3 hours and its raining. We get ready to park, but then a lightbulb went off in my bff's head and she grabbed for Walmarts ad. Then she started freaking out.
So, off to the other Walmart close to Target we went to try to see if any of her stuff was still there........ it wasn't. We left and went back to Target and sat there in the car to make a plan. When it was almost time to open the doors, we went to get in line. It took us probably 45 minutes to get IN the door. We went even halfway to the doors yet and there was people that was already leaving with their stuff. They got in, got what they wanted...... 9 out of 10 times it was a tv.....and they left. Finally after getting drenched and freezing we made it inside. I ran to the housewares to secure her George Foreman grill while she went to the bathroom. I don't really even remember what we got at Target. I think I got some candy but I'm sure I got something else. OH....hubby's mom wanted me to pick something up for her there since she was still stuck at Walmart. And I know I got something else..oh well......moving on. After we wait in line for only an hour, we head off to Michael's for some good deals. I got a 100 piece art set and a couple paint things for real cheap. My whole order was less than $4. Then, off to K-mart...I think.
I got Lilly a bunch of clothes at K-Mart cuz they were having the best sale. I got the baby some socks too. Then we went to Gabriel Brother's where I didn't get anything, but my bff did. Then to Dollar Tree where I found Lilly a dream catcher. I usually get my picture frames there, but I didn't know how many I needed and since they are always a dollar, I will get them later. Then to Big Lots where my bff found her big picture frame collage and I got Lilly some Hot Wheels cars. Then we went to Dollar General and picked up a few things and went out to eat. By this time my phone was dead. After we ate we headed to Magic Mart then to the mall. Wait...somewhere in there we stopped by a Rite Aid cuz they were having an excellent sale on their wrapping paper..... buy one get 2 free! Then off to the mall and back to Walmart next to my house...then home. It was about 4 pm when I got home. Charged my phone and went out to dinner with hubby's mom and sister. I started my day on Thursday at 7 am and ended my day on Friday at 9pm. There's only one more thing I really want to get and that's a rear rack for hubby's 4-wheeler. Might still get Lilly some things. If I find the right doll house, I'll get it for her and maybe a couple movies and a wii game. She doesn't really have a BIG present this year yet, so I'll be keeping my eyes open for that.

So, hubby went out hunting while I was out shopping. He came home broken. He jumped out of his tree stand and twisted his ankle. Its all purple and swollen and probably sprained or fractured or something, but he won't go see a doctor. I went with him Saturday evening to drop off the deer, we went home and got cleaned up then went out to Friday's to eat. We were going to go see a movie, but we had so much time left, we went to Walmart so he could take a look around. He rode on one of those motorized wheel chairs. We fought all night with the crutches. When we made it back to the car, I decided he should just go home and prop his foot up with some ice and he couldn't argue....I was driving.

My cousin is ok. She got to go home on Thursday and is on bed rest.

I know this is long, but a lot happened... :-)

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