Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Got Lilly back yesterday. It was the first weekend of our new arrangement where she goes to her father's on Thursday and I get her back Monday after school every other weekend. I get to keep her all week. That's right. I get her all week without having to ask him. I get to keep her without having to give up my time later on in the month. She gets to stay on the same schedule all week. There's no school next week. I am going to let him get her the day before Thanksgiving so we won't have to rush around ON Thanksgiving. We played hard last night, too. My tummy was hurting due to the stretching (its still hurting today, but way worse), but we played. Lets see....... War-the card game, Barbies, Simon Says, we did her word flash cards and played with her baby and a squirrel that move. What else? Oh, read her a story too. When we were playing Simon Says she was trying to make me touch my toes and she laughed her head off when I couldn't cuz I was squishing the baby.
Still don't have anything resolved with my overdue medical bill. Been trying to get a settlement amount, so I can just try to make one big lump sum payment and have it all taken care of. Its been a month and I have no news yet. I call them every week for an update and every week they say they are putting in another request. The collection agency has to go through the hospital to get an amount. I guess the hospital doesn't want their money. I did get a hold of a really nice lady at the agency that seems to actually want to help and I remembered to get her name this time. She's suppose to call me today with some kind of news. I even went so far as to call the hospital to try to figure something out just between me and them, but they lady said, "We don't handle that here. Let me transfer you." And guess where she transferred me.... yep....the collection agency.
Little bit overly excited about Christmas this year. I've been excited about it for a few months now. That's like all I think about anymore. How much money I'm going to have to go shopping, what I'm going to get everyone, where I'm going to hide the presents........ so excited over it all. I did order all the stuff I had in my cart from a website yesterday. www.abcdistributing.com They have some good stuff. I got just about everyone's stuff on there. Got Lilly a giant inflatable bowling set, my dad and uncle are getting duffle bags with a fish and a deer on it, my little brothers are getting guitar lamps, hubby's getting binoculars that's also a camera, nephew and Lilly are getting kid snuggies. My mom, both grandma's, my step dad and step mom are all getting this hilarious garden gnome, my bff is getting an ornament...oh I can't remember what else. That might be it. I did have a few more things on there, but after much deliberation, I took them off. Good stuff though...and cheap.
Thursday, Lilly's school is having their Thanksgiving lunch and I'm going to go have lunch with her. They are doing Kindergarten's lunch at 10:30!!! I'll come into work and do my morning stuff and leave about 9:45. I'll be here about 3 hours before I gotta head out. I don't even know if its worth it. The drive here, the drive back there...I don't know. I don't really want to take the day off, though. I guess I could. I don't know....something to think about I guess.

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