Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 days 'til Christmas

Yeah...so we got some snow yesterday. I left work a little early cuz it started to snow again and the roads were getting real bad. By the time I picked up Lilly and got home, it was all ok and the snow had stopped. School is only on a 2 hour delay today. When I picked Lilly up yesterday at the Y, I couldn't believe what I saw. Despite the very low temperatures and the inches of snow, her father dressed her in one of those long shirts that kinda look like a dress, tights, and........... cowboy boots! Not SNOW boots, no...these were cowboy boots. The bottom was slick and had no traction at all, she had nothing on her legs other than the tights and the temps were in the teens. He got lucky though cuz school was out and she stayed inside the Y all day. Yeah, the outfit is super cute, but its just very inappropriate for this kind of weather. He should know better.
I let Lilly wrap hubby's Christmas presents. Well.... some of them. I still have one here at work and one at my grandma's. Lilly wrapped the one she picked out all by herself. She got him a Wii fishing game that came with a Wii fishing pole. She was determined that day to get him a fishing pole, but I kept telling her that he already had one....well... she still found a way to give him one. Tonight I'm going to let her wrap her father's and sister's gifts by herself. She's getting better at it.
Got a little more sleep last night than usual. I had a little trouble going to sleep though. The baby decided that bedtime was a great time for him to wake up and lay on all the wrong things. I went to bed at 10, but I think I didn't get to finally actually lay down to sleep until after 11:30. I didn't wake up all night until about 5 am when Lilly woke up and needed a tissue. I thought about staying up cuz my clock goes off at 5:45, but since the baby was still asleep, I laid back down. Still exhausted today, though. I miss sleep so much.
Just have 5 more weeks left 'til I'm due!!

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  1. I'm completely jealous. We had snow flurries the other day, but they were so light, they might as well have been nonexistent. I want real snow...