Thursday, December 9, 2010

16 days 'til Christmas

Sleep wasn't really that much better. I did only get up 3 times, though. Had some more odd dreams. Mostly about the baby.
We finally got our tree up and decorated. When me and Lilly got home yesterday hubby was putting the lights and garland on. Lilly then decorated the entire tree by herself and she did a great job. I had to leave to go to the dollar store to get some more hooks though. Hubby called me while I was in line to tell me he just found a bunch. So now we have extra. I was getting the thought that we needed to get some bulbs that matched. Like all red and gold, or blue and white, or purple and silver or something, but seeing the tree last night and everything we have to put on it and just the way it was wonderful and I wouldn't change it for a thing. We have a lot of personalized ornaments ~things I made when I was a kid, things Lilly has made, things we bought that have a lot of meaning. Hubby's ornaments he made when he was a kid are still hanging on his parents tree. My mom gave me all of mine when I moved out. We do have a snowflake with "2008" on it cuz that was our first Christmas as a married couple, Lilly has a couple that says "Baby's First Christmas 2005," I have a really old Santa that belonged to my great grandma, there are fireman ornaments, Dora ornaments, Princess bulbs, angel sun catchers...I love them all. I think I am going to make it a tradition to get at least one new ornament a year that best defines that year. Like this year, I could get something about a starting school for Lilly. Next year I'm getting a "Baby First Christmas" for this little one. Then the year after that I can get a family ornament with all 4 of our names on it or something. I even let Lilly wrap the first presents and put them under the tree. She wrapped my mom's and my step dad's. She did a fairly good job. I let her do it all by herself. All I did was cut the paper the right size and hand her the tape. She was so excited that she got to do it herself and that we have something under the tree already.
Hubby keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and honestly I have no idea. I would like a new purse, but that's something you don't send a guy after. He would end up getting me the ugliest and least useful purse ever. He did say something about getting me a hand gun. I told him I'd really like to have a .25, but a .22 will do. Then he started talking about purses with the hidden pocket on the back for the gun. I'm excited about it. I told him that I already have planned out what I'm getting him for his birthday and Christmas for the next 3 years, he thought I was crazy. They are things that he has casually asked for but never really said he wanted, if that makes any sense. I have a good memory when it comes to things like that.
Lilly goes to her father's today and I won't see her until Monday. I'm already sad about it. We did have a great time together. I finally got to do stuff with her on a weekend. It was great. We did so much. We went to a parade, we visited family, we went shopping, we went to parties, I took her to a friend's house so she could play, she got to play in the snow for a little bit, we put the tree up, she wrapped presents, she got to see Santa and tell him what she wanted, she got to see more of her friends on a Saturday and they had breakfast together and made ornaments.. we really had a great time. She is going to miss the fire fighter Christmas dinner with Santa and her step-cousin's birthday party cuz she will be with her father.
I was invited again to watch the dress rehearsal of The Nutcracker this year. I though about bringing Lilly, but I'd have to leave work, go get her, come back to the city, but get her back home in time for bed cuz she has school the next day. Hubby said he'll be working late all next week so I can't really go cuz no one will be home for Lilly and I don't want to have her out so late on a school night. If I left in time to get her to bed at bedtime, we wouldn't get to see much.
Weather was cold this morning, but the snow has stopped. It was 16 degrees outside when I got to work. Even though it was colder than yesterday, I wasn't really that cold today. I wore a short sleeve shirt. The temperatures are suppose to warm up in the 40's this weekend and its going to rain. No more snow until later next week.

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