Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!

The first day of December has started out perfect.....its snowing!!!!! And I got to make an aggressive driver very upset. One of those people who will go as far as they can in the wrong lane and then cut over at the last second just to get in front of a few cars, you know the kind. Yeah, I wouldn't let him over. HA! We were stopped at a red light and I could tell that was his plan, so when it turned green, we both We made it about a block before the next light started to change and I think he though I was going to run the yellow, so I stopped and that made him stuck in the wrong lane and it was too late now to get over. This was as far as my lane went. So he tried to squeeze in behind me, now taking up two lanes. So the light turns green and we head to the next 2 lane road. He gets behind me and rides my bumper until he decides he's ready to pass...he gets in the next lane to pass me and a car pulls out in front of him and he's stuck again. I block him in just to make him mad, but after a few seconds I journey forward. About a minute later, here he comes barreling down the road like he is trying to make a point, but it just makes me laugh. I turn before he gets to me.
I got Lilly's dollhouse. Toys-R-Us had them on the website for $159.99 and they were fully furnished and everything. I went to the mall to the Toys-r-us in there, but they didn't have it, so I went to Kid Country Toys. I don't know how well known that store is. Anyway, I took out the pic I had printed off and asked. They had it, only it was $79.00 and only the dinning room was furnished. It did come with the parents and the twins and Lilly already has the big sister from something else. So I got the family room, living room, and a bedroom....and even with buying the rooms, it was still $20 cheaper than if I had bought if fully furnished. EDIT~ ok, for some reason I thought it was cheaper, but I didn't even buy all the rooms. I still have 4 more rooms to buy. I think I'm just going to add the nursery for the twins and then save the rest of the rooms for her birthday since its in March. I even got some dogs to go with it. I'm so excited. I have Lilly's big present now. And I know she will love it. She got EVERYTHING she asked for. She hasn't asked for much. She really wanted a pillow pet, then later suggested that a snuggie would be nice, then out of the blue she said she wanted a doll house. Check, check and check. Oh, and I got mom some misfit toys. She loves Rudolph and the misfit toys. One year I did get her the abominable snowman.
Hubby's ankle is looking much better. He can now limp around without the crutches. Me and Lilly had plans to go to the grocery store and it was raining. It always rains when we plan to go grocery shopping. I did voice my concerns over decorating for Christmas to hubby and he said he feels the exact same way. He didn't like my suggestion of putting up my small tree instead of our big one, he said if we were going to decorate, we are going to do it right. I liked that. No shortcuts. So I told him that I would like to do it this coming Tuesday since I'll be going by my storage building on Saturday anyway and we will have Lilly. He said that was fine. He's going to go to the bank sometime this week to get his information updated for the loan. Remember, last time we tried he was unemployed...none of my info has changed, but he's got a good job now.
Lilly surprised me last night. A commercial for Glee came on and she was so excited, she wanted to watch it. Apparently she watches it at her father's house. Doesn't really surprise me there, him and his gf were both in show choir in high school. So, I turned it on for her, but I guess it was boring cuz she went to sleep in 15 minutes. I should use that all the time to get her to sleep. She's been doing really well in school. Good grades, staying out of trouble, making new friends...she is having so much fun and I am so proud of her.

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