Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its almost time!!!

Lilly's Christmas performance was wonderful. She sang and did the movements and didn't get embarrassed. Usually she will get embarrassed halfway through and stop singing or barely sing, but this time she opened that mouth wide and sang. I almost cried a few times cuz it made me realize just how much she has grown up. The picture I took, its in her classroom in front of their Christmas tree. I'm glad that they can still put trees up in schools. She's doing her chipmunk smile. She seems to always do that smile when I pull her hair back from her face. Maybe its just more noticeable then. I don't know. She's still so very adorable. I love her outfit. I didn't get any pictures with my phone during the performance cuz I was video taping the entire time with the camcorder. Seating was very limited. They had these long benches that they use at lunch time. It was me and hubby, my grandparents, hubby's sister and her 3 kids and then a couple people on the other end. I was on the end and had like 3 inches of seat. I didn't mind. I'd rather have half a seat than to be standing. Lilly's father made it, but he came in late and had to stand in the back. I didn't see him until it was over or I would have found a place for him.
I thought they were going to bring out one class and they were going to sing a song or two and then another class would come out, but they had all of them up there and they did a lot of songs. They sang a few Christmas songs, did hand movement 'songs,' a Hannukkah song and a Kwanzaa song. The last song they did was Feliz Navidad. Seeing the kids trying to remember the words was kind of comical. The first time they ran through the entire Spanish part, half the kids didn't say anything and the rest just mumbled, but after that they had it down and did really well.

My bruises look bad now. They are dark blue and purple, some yellow and I'm still swollen. The baby is doing great though. Lilly suggested the name Zachary at dinner on Saturday and hubby seemed to like it a lot. That name was on the list but for some reason we quit talking about the names on the list. The two that we agreed on and both liked was Zachary and Michael. So, if we do go with Zachary his middle name will be Alexander. Zachary Alexander. I like it, but for some reason I don't feel like it fits. I don't know. I do really like the name and that's probably what we will go with, but I still think I'd like to see him first before we decide.
I was going to take all next week off to spend with Lilly cuz she is off school and all, but I'm being nice and letting her father keep her an extra day. So, I'll come to work on Monday and Tuesday and then take the rest of the week off. He doesn't know it yet. It'll be my Christmas present to him. I think I will go ahead and text him.........Ok, just did. Waiting for answer now. He's gotta have someone to watch her on Monday or the deal is off. I don't want to pay a full week's price at the Y when she is only gonna go one day if he has to take her on Monday. We'll see what he says..... ok, its all good. He said ok.
Hubby's gift finally was delivered last night at my grandma's house. I called them yesterday morning cuz the thing online said incorrect address, and it was so not the wrong address. I told the guy over the phone that if he would just google the address, the arrow is right on the house, but I gave him directions anyway. Not a big fan of FEDEX now. I was suppose to get that package 2 weeks ago. I kept letting it slide cuz of the weather, but it was only bad for like 2 days. I'm gonna use UPS as much as I can now. I haven't had any problems out of them and I've used them for everything else. They've delivered 4 packages for me in the past month and they were always on time. I know a lot of people that work for FEDEX so I'm sorry about saying that, but its just so ridiculous. Hubby already knows what it is though.
Ok, I know I rambled a lot in this post, but I'm just in a really talkie mood. I feel like I have a lot to say, but its really nothing. I don't feel like its Christmas anymore. I felt more Christmas-y last month before I went shopping. I've also noticed that this year less people have decorated the outside of their house. We haven't, but we don't have any lights. Next year, though, I'm going all out. Last year though, it seemed like almost every other house was lit up. This year, you have to go like a mile to find one.

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