Monday, December 27, 2010

So much

Oh, Christmas..........
Thursday Christmas with Dad and all them was.... odd to say the least. Dad got there about half an hour before we were going to leave. We got to his house a little after noon and was going to leave about 5. My step mom didn't come. She was suppose to stop by after she got off work, but instead she bypassed her house to go to her mom's to start cooking. Her house is like 50 feet from her mom's so its not like she couldn't have stopped by for 5 minutes.
That night Lilly was so excited. We made cookies, put out the reindeer food on the porch and hung our stockings. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her spreading out the reindeer food. She did it with such seriousness and carefulness. She'd grab a little bit in her hand, sprinkle it in one spot, grab some more and sprinkle in another spot being oh so careful not to step on any of it. When she got in bed she yelled at us to go to bed to Santa could come. "Mommy!! You have to go to bed early to Santa can come and you have to turn my tv off early so I can go to sleep!!" She usually ends up going to sleep with while the tv is on. I give her an hour of tv time at night but she hardly makes it the whole hour. I asked her if she wanted me to turn the tv off now and she protested which I thought was funny. 5 minutes later, she was asleep. Me and hubby did our thing and went to bed. Of course I didn't sleep all night. I kept waking up thinking I heard Lilly up, but she was in bed. At 5:30 she woke up and wanted a tissue, so I took one to her, she blew her nose, looked out the window and laid back down. I went back to sleep. I woke up several times since then thinking she was up, but I never heard anything and just kept going back to sleep. Finally at 7:30 I woke up and was just going to get her up. I sat up in bed and there she was just sitting her bed all nice and quiet. She said she's been awake for a while and even got up to peek at the tree to see if Santa came! I asked her why she didn't wake us up and she never really answered. So we got up.
I got some good pictures of her reaction while opening up her presents. She loved all of it except the pink socks I got her cuz she doesn't like pink anymore. I made sure the dollhouse was the very last thing opened. She opened up all the rooms and didn't know exactly what to do with them until she opened up her big present. She sat and played with that thing for about an hour. Lilly's gift to me was a heart shaped locket that said "MOM" on it. I love it. I cried. Then we headed to hubby's mom's house so Lilly could open her stuff there then we went to my grandma's house (dad's house) and did Christmas with them there.
We were there maybe 10 minutes and I go to look out the window and there's 5 cop cars and an ambulance. Apparently someone 3 doors down from grandma shot himself.
Lilly's father came and picked her up and I found out his gf is pregnant. Nice timing, huh? A part of me is very happy for them and then the other part of me is mad at them for their timing. I feel they did all this on purpose to take Lilly's focus away from my baby. I feel like she won't be as excited about his baby cuz there's gonna be another one.
Christmas day me and hubby head off to his mom's house. She got us the Wii fit, which I've been telling hubby I wanted for 2 years and she got us a freaking HD flat screen tv after I told her a million times not to.
All in all the holiday was good. The baby was very active on Saturday. He woke up at 6 pm and didn't calm down until 11. He was hurting me so bad and of course everyone was saying that I was going to go into labor cuz I was in so much pain. Ya know what??.... I'm getting tired of people saying stuff like that every time I have a little bit of pain. He's getting big and doesn't have that much room, so yes, when he does move it hurts sometimes. And I'm tired of everyone saying something about me falling down the steps. Its not like I did it on purpose and it seriously caused me a lot of pain, but my mom and hubby's family and their friends won't shut up about it. I can't even go down any steps without someone making some kind of comment. OMG... just shut up about it already. It would be different if it didn't hurt me or make Lilly cry. It would be different if I wasn't pregnant when I did it. It would be different if I did it out of pure clumsiness instead of ice. It would be different if I wasn't in the hospital for hours because of it. I just don't think that this kind of thing is something you make fun of someone for. And its been over a week, just drop it. Its not funny, it was never funny and now its just kind of pissing me off.
Now I have the New Year's party and my baby shower to look forward to. Yes, that was sarcasm you detected.

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