Monday, December 20, 2010

A fall and a few bruises later

5 days 'til Christmas
So I had a very eventful weekend.
Friday hubby called me when he got off work to tell me he was going hunting and he wouldn't be home when I got there. I asked him who was going to get my car in the driveway since there was so much snow and ice and my car always has problems and he said I'd be ok and I'd make it in just fine. So I pick Lilly up, we get some McDonalds and head home..........and I can't get in the driveway. After about 15 minutes of my backend hanging out in the road cuz I can't get in any further and spinning my tires so much I can smell the rubber, I finally go get one of my neighbors. She, her husband and his brother try to get my car in. They spin and slide. They push and shove. They shovel and clear, but my car will not go all the way in. They do get it in far enough where it is out of their way and out of the road. I told them they had to leave enough room so my other neighbor can make it in. I call her to tell her about the lack of space to get in, but she makes it just fine. My car just really sucks.
Saturday, I had so much planned. I was going to go pick up my brother to help me get hubby's gift cuz I can't lift it. I go down our many stairs to move my car out of the driveway. I had to make sure I could get out before I got Lilly dressed. So I moved it on the side road, got Lilly ready and woke up my brother telling him I was on my way. I took Lilly's hand, told her to watch the ice on the steps and then I fell. Thankfully I let go of Lilly as I went down so she didn't go with me. I have no idea how many stairs I fell down, but I fell all the way on my behind and not my belly. I didn't even bump my belly on anything. My right hand was full of bags and my purse, but I didn't let go of them. Halfway down the stairs I heard Lilly yell after me and I tried to stop, but there was nothing to get a hold of without turning myself and bumping my belly, so I just rode all the way down. The neighbor came out of her apartment and saw me at the bottom, asked if I was ok. I sat there a minute, saw Lilly at the top crying, got up and told her to carefully come to me. I got her and hugged her and then told the neighbor (Tiffany) that I felt ok. I asked Lilly if she fell any or if she got hurt and she didn't. She kept crying until I assured her that I was ok and the baby was fine. She finally calmed down, but was still upset. Tiffany ran and got dressed and took us to the hospital. The ER sent me directly up to triage. They let Lilly back even though she wasn't suppose to be. I called hubby's mom to come get Lilly. Tiffany stayed in the little waiting room watching Lilly until they were allowed in my room. Lilly got to hear her brothers heartbeat for the first time. They had me hooked up to a thing where they could constantly check his heartbeat and my contractions. Apparently I was having a lot of contractions, but I couldn't feel 'em. Tiffany kept saying, "That one was up to 20, how about that one? Oh, that one was up to 35, now its 40, do you feel it?" Nope. Not at all. I mean, I felt my tummy tighten, but none of it hurt. Sometimes I thought it was just the baby stretching out.
I tried to call hubby, but he was still out hunting and didn't have service and no one was in the cabin to answer the phone. My mother-in-law called hubby's sister and she called her husband to tell him. I fell at 9:30, got to the hospital at 10, hubby's mom got there at 11, hubby's brother in law knew at 10:30, but he didn't tell hubby 'til after noon. So hubby didn't get to show up to the hospital 'til 10 minutes before they let me out.
Ok, back up a bit. I'm so horrible at telling stories. Hubby's mom stayed about 2 hours and then she took Lilly to eat and then to her house. Hubby's sister was graduating at 3 and I was really trying to get out so I could go. Tiffany stayed with me 'til hubby showed up. Everything is fine though. I'm pretty bruised up and swollen from my left hip down to my ankle, but other than that, we are both just fine. I'm sore and stiff everywhere and its hard to move around, but I'm thankful that's all that's wrong. I can live with the bruises and the awkward limp. I'm just super thankful that the baby and Lilly are both ok. Everytime I try to recall everything that happened it makes me cry. Not because of what happened, but because it could have been a lot worse and because I feel so bad for Lilly having to see it happen. She was so worried.

Lilly's Christmas sing is tonight. I gotta remember to charge the camcorder up. I'll try to remember to take a pic of her outfit with my phone so you can see just how adorable she is.
We celebrate Christmas with Lilly on Friday!!!!! There's still so very much that needs to be done. I'm not done wrapping everything, well, I'm done with Lilly's stuff, hubby's gift is still not at our house, I haven't prepared anything to cook or bring in to work on Wednesday, I haven't really planned out exactly what we are doing and when. We have so many places to go and I want to try to do it all with Lilly but its hard cuz we only have her up 'til Friday night and I don't even know a time for the drop off yet either. Wow, what happened to the time?

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