Monday, December 6, 2010

Its Almost Christmas!

This is gonna be another long one.
Haven't gotten my decorations yet, it snowed and mom wouldn't come out and meet me. I can't load my car myself, I was in need of my brothers. Why have so many brothers if you can't use them from time to time? If the tote wasn't so heavy, I would have done it myself, but I'm afraid if I lift anything over 10 pounds, the baby is gonna pop out. Hubby said he would go today after work and pick it all up. I'm so excited to get the tree up.

I did get registered for my baby shower at a few places. I did it all online so it saved me the time of walking around the stores and driving to the stores. I registered at Sears, Walmart, and Target. There are some really cute things on there. Hubby's sister found this one bedroom suite for the baby that was all in fire trucks. So cute. I also discovered that I am a big fan of the blue and brown stripes/stars. Found a lot of things I didn't even know existed and a lot of things I didn't have with Lilly when she was a baby. One is a bottle warmer. Never knew of such a thing. I just did it the old fashioned way. One of the bottle warmers came with a pacifier sterilizer. How cool is that? I also found some wipe warmers. I wish I had that with Lilly. She wasn't born during the winter though, but it is still kinda cold in March when she was born.

We probably got about 2 inches of snow so far. We got a lot, then it melted, then it snowed some more.
Saturday, I took Lilly to the YMCA for breakfast with Santa. We ate pancakes, she got her picture, she did a craft and we left. Then, we went to the city for the big parade. It started at 10 and ended at 11:15. That was the first time I saw the city's parade. It was something. We parked at my work and walked a block to mall toward the beginning of the parade. She got cold, so we went in the mall and I got her some gloves and earmuffs before it all started. She got a lot of candy and had a lot of fun. But as the parade went on, the temperature kept dropping. She ended up with my jacket too by the end of it all and I let her keep it to walk back to the car. The first snowflake fell right as the last float went by. Talk about good timing!

After the parade we went to my grandma's to drop off my nephew's winter coat I bought him for Christmas. My uncle was there so I was going to have him go to my storage building with me, but I forgot my keys. Then I took her to K-Mart to pick out a toy for the birthday party on Sunday and the toy for the gift exchange at school...oh, and her Christmas dress. Its so cute. The dress she picked out is red velvet with white trim on the sleeves and on the bottom. It came with a little black belt too. Kinda like a santa dress. I'm gonna let her wear her snow boots with it since they are black.

Sunday, me and Lilly attempted to clean out her toys. I gave her these options~ Leave them out, put them under the bed in a storage tote, put them in the storage building to sort out later for yard sale or keep. I was trying to make room for the stuff she's getting on Christmas, but you can't even tell we did anything. I did get it better organized though and I think I may have made just enough room for the doll house. Then me, her and hubby took off to Walmart. We went in, got just a few things and went back out. My rear tire was flat on my car. So, we sat and waited for hubby's dad to show up with sealer and an air pump. We then went straight to the birthday part at the fire station community building. Instead of a cake, they make cupcakes that looked like ladybugs. The mom of the 2 year old made them. Hubby then left to finish working on my car, he said he pulled out two big pieces of metal out of the tire. Then some drama went down at the party with the family, but I won't put that out there. After the party, we head to hubby's parent's house just to hang out. They have their tree up and it looks real good.

My tire isn't flat today....yet. I forgot the air pump at the house. Tomorrow we should be able to decorate and put our tree up. I have no idea when I'm gonna go get hubby's last present, the back rack for his 4-wheeler. Its a gift that I'm gonna make from Santa, so I can't take Lilly with me, but I can't go get it until next pay day, which is on the 15th. I have Lilly that week and weekend. And I can't really go get it unless hubby's not gonna be home so I can just wrap it instead of trying to find a place for it to hide. I think I could just tell Lilly its from us and make something smaller from Santa so I can take her with me. I'm gonna have to probably take one of my brothers to carry it for me and get it up my steps.

My hopes of getting a house before Christmas is not gonna happen. Hubby hasn't made it to the bank yet to update his info. Even if he makes it this week, I don't see us getting the loan and getting everything settled so quickly. Yeah, it would be nice to celebrate Christmas in our new house, but as long as we have a bigger place before the baby comes, I'm ok. There's just no way we can have enough room for the 4 of us in that apartment. Its a tight squeeze as it is.

Had a doc appt Friday. Everything is fine. Blood pressure it 122/78. With Lilly my blood pressure was so high the doc's were worried. Maybe this low number has something to do with me not smoking this time. I told the doc about my pains and she said that he is head down now and that's why its hurting to walk. He has lodged himself right there between my hips. I can feel him elbow my hips every now and then. I didn't have any of this pain with Lilly, that's why I have been so worried. I need to stop comparing. But yes, he is head down. I think I am a week further along than the doc said. Everything is happening a week earlier and at 18 weeks he was a week heavier than he should have been. So, I'm taking things into my own hands and moving my due date from January 20 to January 13..... if I make it that long.

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