Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where has the week gone?

Is it just me or is this week flying by?
Oh, the weird pains I'm feeling now!! Lets start off with this one~ I can no longer do much with my feet other than walk. Ok, I understand that doesn't really explain anything. I never noticed how much I push things with my feet or stuff like that....push drawers closed, push things across the floor, even pushing a door open. I can no longer do any of these things because there is this weird pain that feels like the baby is, well, coming out. I don't know how else to explain it. I can't even put my pants on standing up, ya know, one leg at a time standing on one foot. Yeah. I can't do that without this pain either. Its just a lot of pressure and then pain like I'm pulling a muscle that shouldn't be pulled.
He's starting to make those movements again where it feels like he is shivering or something. I have a doc appt tomorrow and I really need to ask about this. I just wonder if he is having a seizure or something like that. Can unborn babies have seizures? That's not something you really hear about, so I don't know.
Last night, I have no idea what the baby was doing, but he was laying very weird. I couldn't lay on my side, either side, all night. He was balled up or stretched out or something where he was making it impossible for me to find any comfortable position and I couldn't do anything but lay on my back. Every time I tried to roll over, I was basically laying on the baby. Not only did it cause me some odd pain, I didn't know if I was hurting the baby or not. I just assume that I was. I am a side sleeper, so I got no rest last night. Whenever I did finally get comfy enough to fall asleep, I had to get up to go pee. Then I had to go through it all over again with trying to get comfy. I have to go to the bathroom now about every hour. Sometimes I don't even have to pee, but the baby is just putting so much pressure in all the wrong places, that it does feel like I have to. I've heard from everyone that carrying a boy is way different than carrying a girl. I didn't believe them. I is that even possible. Its a baby. That's it, just a baby...but I believe. Everything is different. Everything feels different.
Aw man...I should have taken a picture of Lilly's nails after I painted them and decorated them. They are so cute. She's got purple nails now with animal stickers on them~ bunnies, pigs, owls, monkeys, dog prints, penguins, cute. She loved them. The first thing she did when I dropped her off at before school care was show her teacher her nails.
I went all day yesterday without any heartburn at all. Its doubling up today.
Hubby is back to working some horrible overtime. He didn't get home last night until Lilly was already asleep and that's probably how its going to be today and tomorrow. He said that they are working late so they don't have to work this weekend, but its not like it really matters. He said if he was off on Saturday he was going out hunting and we wouldn't see him anyway. Me and Lilly have breakfast with Santa on Saturday. Then, we are heading toward our storage building some 30 miles away (yeah, I could have gotten one close where I live now, but his storage building was close to where I use to live and it was cheaper than any other place) and mom is suppose to meet me there with one or more of my little brothers so they can get my Christmas decorations and the tree out in and in my car for me. Then, all of us are just going to hang out. I gotta go get Lilly a Christmas-y outfit or dress for her performance at school. Me, Lilly and hubby should be able to spend Sunday together. We do have a birthday party to go to.
Hubby's family is planning a baby shower for me on January 2. Oh, what fun that's going to be. I would like it much better if it was just me, hubby's mom, sister, aunts and cousins and a few of his friends wives and girlfriends...but they invited EVERYONE they know. I only know like 10 people that was on the list.
Just went with hubby to pick up our concealed weapon permits. Maybe that's what I can tell hubby I want for Christmas. A .25 revolver.....

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