Friday, December 17, 2010

8 days 'til Christmas

Took the day off work yesterday cuz the roads were just way to bad. I did attempt to go out, but I didn't even make it the daycare when I turned around. We passed a bad wreck, big trash truck vs small car. Everyone was ok. After slipping and sliding everywhere, I told Lilly we were turning around. I tried to turn around at hubby's parent's road, but I slid past it so I went to the church after that and turned. Hubby went to work and he made it just fine. He has snow tires, took a better route and is a much better driver than I am.
After all day at home with Lilly, and nothing to do to run off her energy, I finally let her outside. The snow was just so bad, the wind was blowing and it was just so freaking cold so I was trying to ride it out. We got about 4 1/2 inches yesterday. I bundled her up and she reminded me of the little brother on The Christmas Story cuz she couldn't move. She had on sweat pants with jeans overtop, two pairs of socks, her snow boots, two pairs of gloves, a T-shirt with a sweatshirt over top and then her coat, a hat and a scarf. She shoveled off the porch, hubby thought I did it and got kinda mad 'til I showed him Lilly did it. She wanted to do it. I helped her a little bit, but she did a good job. We spent the better part of the morning watching cars go up and down our hill to see if they would make it. One didn't. It slid sideways and knocked over a mailbox. Not just any mailbox, it was a cops mailbox. He wasn't home.

School is closed again today. Roads were kind of ok. I got stuck in the driveway and had problems spinning out on our little back road. The main road was ok until I got closer to work. It was like, the closer I got, the worse it got. The road right beside my work was horrible. I got stuck there too and almost spun my car around. Its such a scarey thing to feel my car not work the way I intend it to. When it slides or skids or spins, my heart skips a beat. I need a tank, ha! I noticed that I shouldn't be trying to walk in deep snow either. Put too much pressure on my belly. We walked to the mailbox and I almost couldn't make it back to the house.
Tomorrow, if hubby has to work or goes hunting, me and Lilly are gonna drive to my dad's house to pick up my little brother. I'm taking him to my grandma's house to get hubby's gift cuz I'm not suppose to carry it. I need him to take it from Maw's house to my car then up the steps of my apartment. I gotta wrap it before hubby gets home around noon then get my brother back home before 3 cuz he has to work and all of us are going to hubby's sister's graduation. She's graduating college, but I have no idea what she majored in or anything. I have no idea what we are doing Sunday. Hopefully not much.
Just got some news that my "use to be smoking buddy" here at work got another job. Congrats to her! Sounds like a good job. Receptionist at a law firm making more money than here, child care reimbursement, paid parking, and paid health insurance. Sounds awesome. That's something that I need to get. Paid health insurance and child care reimbursement. I'd even go if it was paid parking. Just gotta wait 'til after my maternity leave. Oh, my bff got offered a job as a flight attendant. How cool is that? She still has to take some tests and stuff to see if she can pass before the job is actually hers.
34 days 'til my due date!!

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