Friday, December 10, 2010

15 days 'til Christmas

So hubby stopped by the bank yesterday to get his information updated and whatnot for the loan. Ok, last time we were in there about 6 months ago the mortgage lady told us to pay off our stuff. She even printed out our credit reports and circled the things that we owed. Mine was mostly medical bills. Well, we paid everything. We owe nothing to anyone. We are debt free. Our credit cards all have a zero balance. All my medical bills are gone. Our cars are paid off. Its a great feeling. Not so great is when the mortgage lady told hubby that his almost perfect credit score dropped 100 points due to no credit activity. I told him we need to periodically use our Walmart cards for small purchases and pay them off immediately. He agreed to that. My credit score went up, but I didn't ask by how much. I wasn't there. Hubby did call me and say that there is this one medical bill from 2005 that is showing on my credit report. I started yelling cuz I know which one it was and it is most certainly paid off. I have the receipts. The mortgage lady has the receipts also. I heard the lady ask him if I was upset and crying since I've been known to cry in her office. He said, "No, she's yelling at me!"
Today I emailed her some additional information like my pay check stubs and my account statements. Tomorrow we go back to sign the papers and then we wait. We're going to make an offer of $95,000 on the house we want....if its still for sale....and if we get the loan. The house if off market, but that's all we know. I'm gonna do a drive by today to see if there is still a for sale sign in front and/or if its still empty. We did do a drive by of another house last night. I don't want to live down that road and the yard is small, but its a 5 bedroom house with 2 baths, family room, game room and a den. We don't know the condition of the inside though. Oh, and its a 2 car garage. The other house, the one we really want, is 3 bedroom with 2 baths, 2 car garage and a huge ass yard. There is even a gazebo in the back yard. The house is the last house on a dead end street, its all fenced in, there's a sunroom (which is just a back porch that's been screen in), and a propane fire place. The room that would be the baby's room is already blue, so that saves me some painting. The next couple weeks are going to be very stressful on my patience. Between waiting to hear about the loan, trying to see if the house is still for sale, Christmas coming up, baby coming out.... its just going to be hectic.
Mom keeps telling me to suck it up and just be happy if we get a loan and go get any house we can. I don't want to do that. I don't want to live in a house I don't want or one that is in a bad area or something. I don't want a house with no yard, or one on a hill, or one with a neighbor so close I can touch their house just by leaning out my window. I don't want one that is falling apart, or on the wrong side of town where Lilly would have to change schools. I don't want one along the main road or one with only 2 bedrooms. I want to buy a house that I can live in for the rest of my life. One I am happy with and one I can see grand kids coming to. I want a house with just enough space, but its not too big. I would like to have a basement, but I can do without that. I want to live in a house with friendly neighbors and I do need at least 1 full and one 1/2 bathrooms. There are plenty of things I can deal with and things I can do without, but I'm planning on staying in whichever house we buy. I'm planting my feet there and I will grow. It needs to be a place where I CAN grow.
Ok, enough of that. Hubby finally started his holiday shopping last night. Good thing too cuz he's kinda running out of time. He is busy all this weekend and working over all next week.
From what I have heard, we are going to be hit hard with snow on Monday. I wish it would come on Saturday so I don't have to drive in it or worry about if Lilly is going to make it to school from her father's house. Real sad that I don't have her this weekend cuz there's a lot going on again. Fire fighter Christmas dinner, a birthday party and she has to help me wrap presents. I was planning on doing at least one or two a night until it was the day before Christmas Eve, then I'd wrap the rest, but I don't think that's how its going to happen. I think I'm going to go ahead and wrap up her doll house and put it under the tree. That is going to be from us, not Santa.

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