Monday, May 16, 2011

Couldn't wait 'til tomorrow


I went down to try to get a loan this morning and we were pre-approved!!!!!! FINALLY!! Oh, I am so extremely excited! This month has been so good to me. Our maximum price is $110,000. I was very surprised to see my credit score has risen so much, about 15 points. Happy happy happy happy happy happy. Now, all we have to do is find a house that we both agree on, which I don't think agreeing is going to be the hard part. There isn't much for sale in our area that meet our needs. Decent sized yard, not on the main road, at least 3 bedrooms, at least 2 baths, decent sized bedrooms, good size kitchen, not located up a big hill... the list goes on. There was this one house that we fell in love with, but its no longer listed. It is still empty and never has been sold, so we are going to check into that one. It has a garage, is the last house on a dead end street, huge back yard, sunroom, propane fireplace, hardwood floors in most of the rooms, basement and attic. Then, there's this cute house that was just put up for sale about a month ago. Its on the corner of two backroads, has a decent size yard, but its not level. The kitchen is small, but the bedrooms are ok. Has a huge deck that goes around 3 sides of the house, a lot of trees for privacy, garage and car port. We haven't been on the inside of this one, though. Then, there's this other house that I just printed off today. Its right next to Lilly's school with a huge back yard. Kitchen in a good size and so are the bedrooms. Hardwood floors, fireplace, garage... all the good stuff, but its a bit more pricey than the other houses. Well, hopefully I'll be able to report back soon about which house we are going to get. WOOHOO!!
There's a few houses that I love, but they are on the wrong side of town and Lilly would have to go to another school and I don't want to do that to her. If there was a way the school would let us move on the other side, but her still go to the same school, I'm sure we would do it. We don't really have to worry about her catching a bus or anything since she goes to the YMCA and they transport her. Hmmm... seems like I have some investigating to do.

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