Thursday, May 26, 2011

More luminary bags

Here are the other 3 bags
Lilly's is the yellow handprint with a blue finger, Zach's is the two small handprints missing a finger and I just did one more simple bag. For some reason I couldn't get Zach to put his pinky on the paper, he'd curl it up and wouldn't straighten it out. Lilly did decorate the back of hers with a picture of her jumping in a pool, but she didn't color it, so I didn't take a pic. It wouldn't have shown up very well in the picture.
Lilly had a game yesterday and she did great. The last inning of the game the coach went out there and pitched to the kids, if they didn't hit the ball in 10 tries, they used the tee. Lilly hit the ball on her second try and she hit it hard. She was so proud of herself. I didn't bring the camera. That'll teach me to leave it at home. She has another game on Friday, 3rd game of the week.
Zach has a doc appt today. I believe he's getting shots. I had a dentist appointment yesterday for a cleaning and I guess I haven't been flossing good enough and the fact that I hadn't had a cleaning by a dentist in years didn't help. They had to do a deep cleaning, I go back in 90 days to finish it up and get a filling.
Going to hubby's uncle's "farm" on Friday after Lilly's game. Hopefully going to get to shoot my gun. I've had it almost 6 months now and haven't had the chance to try it out. Lilly's gonna be with her father, but we are taking Zach. Its going to be his first overnight stay somewhere other than home.

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