Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day just days away

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there and to everyone's mom too! Day care gave me some flowers in a pot. They drew flowers on the pot, too, with Zach's fingers as the petals. Its cute and its on proudly displayed on my desk for all to see.
Just this morning, I made cards for my step dad's birthday and mother's day cards for my mom, both my grandmas and hubby's mom. I put a picture of the kids on the front and instead of signing their names, I'm going to have them put their hand print inside. I don't know if I have any paint at the house. I might go out at lunch and see if I can find any at the mall.
Lilly's game went great. She did really well, I was so proud. Hubby's mom finally got to come to see Lilly play, but hubby missed this one...he had a meeting. Her father, his girlfriend and their kid came. They always come. I do wish they'd go stand on the other side or something. They are just so loud and distracting and they don't even watch the game, or Lilly. Zach was good, until it was time to leave. It got cold outside and he was all cuddled up against maw maw in his jacket and wrapped in a blanket and when we put him down in his cold car seat, he started screaming.
Today is 50's day at school for Lilly and she looks so cute. She's got on her black skirt with a pink poodle on it, a white t-shirt, a black and purple checkered scarf. They are dancing at 9:00. I couldn't go watch. Maybe next time.
Tomorrow, we venture out to see my mom and grandma's. I'm going with both kids, by myself. Its over an hour long drive to get to my mom's mom's house. I don't think I'll be driving to my mom's house. I'll tell her to meet me at Maw's. Mom lives on the same road as grandma, but half an hour past... on the gravel, then the dirt, up a big hill, over a rickety wooden bridge, up another dirt road/hill... I don't really want to make that drive with Zach just yet. There's no where to pull over if he needs something. I don't know yet. Also going to visit my step-dad. Ok, my second ex step dad. His birthday is today. He's 45 today.
My bff is also coming in today, but I can't figure out when I'm going to have time to see her. She won't get in until about 7 or so tonight, tomorrow my day is full from the time we wake up 'til way past Lilly's bedtime and Sunday I'm going to be busy also. I haven't seen her since February and that was only for 5 minutes. I mostly wanted her to see Zach and she did. I just wish there was more time. If she would have come in last night or even this morning, we could have spent today together. I could have taken the day off to hang out. My boss would understand. As a matter of fact, my boss took today off to go visit her mom. I'm sure a lot of people in my office are taking the day off. Today was the day that I was suppose to be able to try to reapply for a loan for a house, but this week has been so rushed, I haven't even had time to get the information together. I'm going to try to do it tonight and apply on Monday. It'll be the best Mother's Day gift if we do get approved...and then get a house by our anniversary...oh, that would be awesome! Cross your fingers for me!!!!

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