Thursday, May 12, 2011

Need a change

So....... I don't really have anything to write about today. I'm bored out of my mind and kind of want to go home.
I'm still unsure if I'm taking tomorrow off or not. I might just come in for the extra hours. I was planning on having all 40 hours by the end of today and not use a vacation day, but I could use the over-time. I do have my fingers crossed that I have some kind of raise on my pay check tomorrow. If not... I have a couple applications that I'm going to mail out. I hate to do it, but I desperately need to be making more money. Thinking about working for the state. Pays good, great benefits and where I'm applying is closer to home than my current job. Its just at the point where I hate coming here now. I hate the work I do. The people aren't all that nice. I could give you a list of things, but I'm not. Not today anyway. I don't like that I dread coming to work everyday. I want to have a job that I like, one that I can be proud of. I don't know.
Gonna try tomorrow to get a loan for a house, even though I don't think we can afford it. Even if my credit score is high enough to get a loan, I just don't see how we are going to manage. Unless hubby is making more money than I thought, there's just no way. Hoping that I'll get a good paying job soon, then I won't have to worry. I don't like how everything depends on how much money a person makes. Can't afford to put gas in my car or to pay day care. Might as well just stay home. I'll save money that way. No $900 a month for day care, $60 a month for parking, $175 for gas....  I'm generally a very happy person, until you get money involved. Things are just so expensive these days. I know I tend to talk about money a lot on here, but that just seems to be the biggest problem in my life right now. Actually, I think its the ONLY problem. Everything else is perfect. Ok, almost everything else.
Update on my 'diet.' Yeah, last night I made tacos. I had them on a plate and I very well could have eaten them with a fork, but it would have been a little messy. I guess they don't count as diet food. haha I did bring a salad today for lunch. A gold star for me! Yesterday I had soup for lunch-another gold star! Can't think of what I made for dinner on Tuesday or what I had for lunch. OH, stroganoff for dinner (gold star) and something.... I don't know what...for lunch. So I'm doing ok I guess. I could be doing better with my "food needs to be on a plate and eaten with utensils" diet. Been climbing the stairs a lot too. Every time I go to the restroom, I climb the stairs since they are right there. The first time I went to the 11th floor (I always start out on 3) then went all the way down to 1 and back up to 3. The second time I just went up to 10 and back down to 3. Next time I'll probably do the same. I can now make it to 10 without having to stop and stretch my legs out or take a breather, so that's pretty awesome.

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