Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm a good cook

Friday I got to the day care the same time as Lilly's father so I took Zach down so Lilly could tell him bye. I told her father the day before to pack her an extra pair of clothes cuz they were going to play in the water. He did, but he was not happy. She came to the door soaking wet and muddy. The kids had made a mudslide down the hill to the playground. I was standing there laughing with Lilly and asking if she was having fun, and oh she was. Her father just stood there. Finally he asked her where he shoes were. I looked at him and said, "I told her they were going to play in water. What did you expect?" He was so mad. I thought it was funny. I guess we all know which one is the cool parent, ha ha.
I don't remember anything else that happened Friday, but Saturday we went to hubby's nephew's bday party. It was cute. He's 4 now and he had a Toy Story themed party. His cake was done by this one lady, who only charges $35 for a cake, it doesn't matter how you want it decorated or anything, $35 flat. She uses all icing, too, no fondant and it looked and tasted so good. I told hubby's sis to keep her number, I'm gonna wanna use her. Zach was so good Saturday too. He cooed, he laughed, he smiled, just like he always does.
Sunday hubby went to Ohio to look at some fire trucks, he left at 8:00 in the morning. I was up with Zach. He hardly slept this weekend. He got up every 2 hours, even did it last night too. So, I got him ready and we headed to the store. I was going to go to my dad's house and cook for everyone, my dad, step mom, and two brothers...the two that surround me-one older, one younger. My younger brother informed me that Dad had left to go back to work and my step mom wouldn't be there, she was going to her mom's for a cookout. I was very excited to cook for my brothers. My step mom doesn't cook, so they don't get REAL food. I bought stuff for a green bean casserole and a chicken bake. Mom use to make the chicken bake when we were itty bitty and we called it chicken crap, so I made chicken crap. It was Chris's (older brother) favorite food. I also bought stuff for a pudding pie. When me and Zach got home from the store, I made the pie and cut the chicken in little pieces while he napped. I wasn't going to Dad's house until 4 when Tony (younger brother) got off work. I even went through some baby clothes and packed them up for my step brother (Josh-Little Josh) who has a baby boy coming in July. I gave him those zip up sleepers. I hate the zip up sleepers. You have to unzip the baby just to change his diaper and he gets cold. I only used them a few times then learned that they suck.
I had also bought Tony a shirt that said, "Have you seen my zombie?" and on the inside was a zombie face so when you pull the bottom of the shirt over your head, your face is the zombie. When I got to Dad's, he was wearing that shirt. Dad got it for him for Christmas. I had to laugh. He was wearing the exact shirt I got him. At least I know that what he likes. So I gave it to Chris.
Chris seemed better, too. I'm so worried about him. I've written about him before. He's got something wrong, but won't talk about it. He's a manic depressive, paranoid, and has a fear of large groups of people. He won't even go to the store to shop for groceries. Anyway... he seemed better this time than he did last time I saw him two weeks ago. He was actually talking this time. I worry about him. He got a cat and that seems to be helping him. They were so excited to see me and have me cook for them. The whole time I was preparing the food, they stood in the kitchen and watched me. They didn't do much with Zach, but I didn't expect them too. They aren't "baby" people. Zach was good while I cooked, though. He watched the big screen tv in his bouncy seat.
They loved my food. I didn't eat any cuz I wanted to make sure they had enough, so they could have left overs. I stayed about 3 hours before I decided to head out cuz hubby was due to be home. Chris actually even THANKED me for cooking and coming to see them. I left that house with a huge smile on my face knowing that I helped them out. I had been wanting to cook for Chris a long time ago when him and his girlfriend broke up cuz I knew he wasn't eating right without her there to cook. I never had the chance to cook for him then, I wanted to. Then he headed out on the road to work with Dad and I knew he wasn't eating right if he was even eating at all. And I feel bad for them now, staying at Dad's house. I'm going to cook for them again, I just don't know when. Next time I was thinking about a ravioli casserole. They love ravioli... and some chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I just need to teach my step mom how to cook and that would solve everything. HA, no. She was at a cookout at her mom's house and didn't even invite my brothers. I keep telling hubby that if we can get a big enough house, I want Tony and Chris to come live with us. 6 brothers to worry about. Its hard to do.
Speaking of a house......... I've got all my stuff together and I'm doing today to see if we qualify for a loan! I'm so tired of trying and being turned down. I can't help that my credit hasn't had time to build. Fingers crossed!

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