Monday, May 23, 2011

Big weekend, hot weekend

This weekend was pretty great. Got up early Saturday cuz Lilly had her parade. Oh, she was so excited. I couldn't get her to calm down. She loved the sign that she made and she was ready to go. We get to the meeting place and the coach is not prepared at all. He made some signs that just had the kids names on them, no decoration. He didn't have anything other than signs to decorate the 'float' and there's suppose to be a contest on best decorated float. One of the dads runs and gets some balloons and streamer and we decorate. Lilly's sign got a prime spot so everyone could see it.

 We left her there to find a spot to watch. When she wheeled by her face was lit up. I got some great pics but they are on my other camera. After the parade all the kids lined up and they were all announced/introduced. It was suppose to be family day, too. Family day- I was thinking big inflatables, carnival games, hot dog vendors, maybe some cotton candy, something to do with water cuz it was so hot... ya know... a lot of fun stuff. There was one inflatable for all those kids and one dunk tank that was full of dirty water. Everyone was saying that last year was much better. We let Lilly do the inflatable once and we went to Dairy Queen. She had a game later that day too. We went to hubby's mom's house for a bit. She was going to watch Zach since its so hot.
Her game went ok. They only did 2 innings and my grandparents finally made it to watch. After her game we went back to hubby's mom's house. His sister was there with all her kids and Lilly played with them for about 5 hours. Running, playing, riding her bike, swinging, climbing...we put her to bed at 9:30 after her shower and she still got up at 6:30 the next morning!
Friday night, Zach rolled over for the first time. I was the only one that saw him the first time. Hubby just got up from the couch and Zach started to turn. I said, "Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Hey. Dad. Look. DAD!" and by that time he had rolled and Hubby just turned around and missed it by 1/2 a second. I put him back on his belly and hubby got the video camera. After about 5 minutes he rolled again. Then Lilly got mad cuz she didn't get to see him do it. He hasn't rolled since.
Sunday was just a nice relaxing day. Lilly played outside in the water. It started with just squirt guns and I took Zach out there and she squirted his feet. Then she wanted the big water gun that she needs the bucket for, so I got it. Then, she wanted to change in her bathing suit and play in the bucket.
Hubby then ran to the dollar store and got a little pool. Its not much, but its all we can do at the moment. Zach got in it for a little while. He liked it.
I traced Lilly's shadow with chalk Saturday evening. It was tall and stretched out. I did it so she could see how different shadows were at different times of the day. Sunday, we decorated it. We drew on clothes, shoes, a face, some flowers and even a purse. It was a nice artsy time for Lilly.
Zach has even found his toes. He tried to pull his sock off on Saturday, but he didn't pull hard enough.
Here's some close up tummy time picks of Zach and him with his hammer

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