Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pics of the bags

Here are two of the luminary bags that I did yesterday- front and back view.

I'm a big fan of the poca dots on the bag. I do it every year. Lilly worked on hers last night. She traced her hand and painted it and painted some other decorations on it, but only on the front. We had to let it dry so she can do the back tonight. She made her hand yellow except one finger, its blue.
Lilly had a game last night. It was at a new field outside of town. There was two ball fields right next to each other. We were waiting at the lower field and was getting mad cuz the other team wasn't there so we all got ready to leave, and there they all were on the the upper field. Lilly had her game and she did great. She loves playing ball so much. You can tell by the big smile she always has on her face during a game.
She has another game tonight. Its the first time she has games two nights in a row, but this one is at the regular field. Its suppose to rain, but it was suppose to storm yesterday and all we got was a little bit of light rain.
School ends in 8 days!! I can't believe the school year is already over. I swear it was just yesterday I was getting her ready for her first day. Well.... it feels like it was just the yesterday when she was a baby. Why? Why do kids have to grow up so fast? Why does time go by faster the older you get? Lilly has done so well in school. She has learned a lot and I am so very proud of her. She made new friends, learned to read, learned how to add and subtract, and so much more.
Mr. Zach still hasn't rolled over again. Lilly keeps waiting. Last night he rolled to his side, stayed there a while like he was stuck or something and then plopped back down on his tummy. Lilly was so mad.
Hubby's birthday is almost here and I still don't have his gift. I kind of know what I'm going to get him. I want to get him a blu-ray player, but I don't know what brand. I don't know if I should get the same brand as the DVD player we have now or get the brand to match the tv or if he has a favorite brand...I have no idea. I'll probably just go for cheap. I'm hoping to have his Father's Day gift done by the first weekend of June....that way we have time to do it over if we have to for some reason.
My birthday is next month too and I think I'm just going to tell hubby to get me a set of 5 or 10 pound weights. I've been wanting some for a while now, maybe even the Shake Weight. 25... I'm going to be 25. Seriously...what happened to the time? I'm halfway to 50. Hubby's gonna be 34. Next year I want to plan something big for him since I didn't get to on his 30th. Plan something fun and childish. 
I don't know if I'm going to get to do Zach's luminary bag tonight since Lilly has a game, so I'll have to post the pic of that one later, but tomorrow I should be able to put Lilly's up.

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