Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lilly's little league is having family day this Saturday. She's going to be in a parade. She was all worried this morning. "But we haven't practiced!" I told her that she didn't have to practice for a parade, that she's just riding in a truck and waving at people. I'm going to stop on my way home today to get a posterboard so she can make a sign to hang on the truck. I've been trying to remember all the kids names. I think I got them all. Her game was canceled yesterday too. It didn't rain yesterday but I guess the field was flooded from the 3 days that it did rain.
Went to Walmart yesterday and found Zach some onsies. 2 are hubby's favorite NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart and one is camo that says, "Dad's major man" or something like that. The camo is a bit big, I tried finding one that was his size, but they were all out. Lilly got another Justin Bieber shirt. It was only $4, so I let her get it. She was all excited.
Also going to get hubby's father's day gift today and we're gonna try to get it done either this weekend or the weekend of June 4. I'm getting a kit to do stepping stones. I found a kit that does 4 so each kid can do a foot and a hand. I'm very excited about this. I told hubby's sister that I'm gonna need her help. I don't have room in our apartment to do it. Probably going to buy another kit of the same thing so we have Christmas presents for grandparents. $12.99 for a kit of 4 stones, that's pretty good for Christmas presents. We can do 2 stones for each set of grandparents. I might even ask hubby's sister if she wants me to pick some up for her kids. She has 4 kids, so there's a full kit right there.
Hubby found a house that he liked yesterday that is for sale by owner. We don't know anything about it, the price, how many bedrooms...nothing, but he likes it. The owners are putting a new roof on it right now. It has an ok sized fenced in back yard and a garage and its on a backroad that's hardly traveled....but its right up the hill from his mom. She could walk up to our house if she wanted. Hubby's sister's kids could walk up if they wanted, they aren't that far away either. I guess its both good and bad and I could learn to deal with it. I've actually grown quite fond of his family. They are more of a family to me and Lilly than my own. I've tried looking up the house, but its not listed anywhere, not even on
I don't know if he's wanting to look into that house or not. Wouldn't hurt to take a look inside.
Here's some pics of Zach, enjoy!


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