Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Its raining, Its pouring

I read a really inspiring story today from a ninth grader named Arvind. Go here to read it.
The rain here has been crazy. All it does is rain anymore. Where is my sunshine? Yesterday on my way home, the sky was black, so black it looked like night time. Then, big rain drops started to fall and they were pounding really hard on my windshield. I also saw a ton of lighning, striking right beside the road. It was so awesome. Part of me wanted to pull over just to watch the lightning. I love watching lightning and it was just so close. Its suppose to storm again today.
Yesterday was ok. I was tired, but tried to keep myself moving. I climbed the stairs twice and finished some filing. I can't believe that its only Wednesday.
I'm going to keep this one short.
I went to Walmart last night, by myself, at 9:00 at night. I really needed to go by myself so I could think and not get frazzled. I also liked that there wasn't that many people there shopping and I could whip in and out of isles like I owned the place. I waited until Lilly was in bed and Zach was asleep and I told hubby was I leaving. He was kinda surprised. I was too, actually. I didn't think I'd have the energy to go. I bought $298 worth of stuff, but I had coupons, so I paid $262. ( Had to use my Wal Mart Discover card) I even found a way to bypass my coffee situation here at work. I bought some Maxwell House International coffee that all I have to do is put a couple spoonfulls in boiling water and I have my coffee. I even splurged and bought French Vanilla and Suisse Mocha. I'm drinking the Mocha right now and I gotta say...its pretty awesome. Its also nice cuz I hardly ever buy stuff for just me.
I found a shirt that I just HAD to get for my little brother, Tony. Its black (he only wears black) and it says, "Have you seen my zombie?" He's really into zombies and all that. (Oh, and in case you didn't know, its Zombie Appreciation Month. I don't really get it either, but whatever) And when you flip the bottom of it over your head, your face is a zombie. They printed a zombie face on the inside of the shirt so when you flip if over your head the face is over your face. I wonder if it glows in the dark. Hmmm..... I'll have to check that one out. Bought Lilly a bathing suit too. Its pretty. Its got peace signs on it and if I remember right, its green. I almost bought her 2, but we need to see if the one from last year fits before I go get another. We need one for the Y and one for home. The Y lost hers last year. They also lost her beach towel, but after me complaining so much about them losing stuff they finally handed over her towel. I think another parent took her bathing suit home. The staff at the Y just put everything into a big pile and it was basically a free for all. I was usually one of the last parents to show up, so the pile was always small... and Lilly's stuff missing.
Anywho, I'm kinda tired, but not as much as yesterday even though I was out shopping late and didn't get to bed 'til midnight. Zach got up to eat twice last night and once he even tricked me. I thought he was waking up, I made a bottle, and he went back to sleep. So I put the bottle in the fridge and climbed back in bed. He woke up later to eat the bottle. He's wearing his cute blue and white plaid romper that says "Yacht Club" on the back of it and a matching hat. I love that outfit, but today is the last day he's gonna get to wear it. Its getting too small. He's growing so fast.
I was trying to feed him his sweet potatoes last night and I dropped the bowl all over me. I had orange pants instead of black. He likes sweet potatoes though. So far he just doesn't like green beans, but next week is peas. So far he likes all the orange food. I'm not going to give him any fruit for a couple more months. Get him in the habit of eating his veggies.
I also took a peek at some of the blu ray players last night at Walmart. I know they have the one I want, but it may just be available online cuz I couldn't find it anywhere in the store. I want to get hubby a blu ray/vhs combo for his birthday. I only have a couple weeks left. Crap!! I forgot to look for the hand print stone things there. I was going to go ahead and get it if they had it. Oh, well. I know K-Mart carries it and its for Father's Day so I have a few weeks.

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