Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My little man is on 1000 awesome things. Took me half an hour to get the picture.
So, I finally received my much awaited Book of (Even More) Awesome and I couldn't be happier. I flipped through it last night and loved it. I even noticed a special something in the back. I have plans to go get more books of this one and the first one and tab some pages that I think my brothers would like and could really relate too. They are in need of a good pick me up and I believe these books will do the trick.
Ok, so my diet...... its not working. I'm too on the go to take the time out to sit and eat with utensils and a plate. I did cook last night, but I hate the deer steak while feeding Zach. I just poked it with a fork and started munching...I used a fork, it counts right? And then I put the rice on some bread and had a rice samich while playing with Lilly. I'm gonna try harder today.
Gas prices are up to $4.29 a gallon here. Luckily I have a full tank of gas.
Lilly's outfit yesterday... well, she liked it until she got home and took off those huge shoes. They were the shoes that went halfway up her leg, and her legs were black. She started freaking out. It was kinda funny. Needless to say, this is one outfit that I will not be sending her back to her father in. She will not be wearing this to school, unless of course I don't know about it. I should have taken a picture of her and her black legs. She said, "Did my shoes bruise my legs? They look like bruises!" I told her it was just the coloring in the fabric that rubbed off on her. "Is it ever going to come off?!!" I had to laugh a little.
Lilly has a ball game tonight, and its suppose to rain. It'll probably get canceled. I've been trying to get a picture of her on my phone during a game, but the zoom on my phone isn't all that great and she looks so tiny.
Signing Lilly up for day camp at the Y today. Its $225 just to register her! How crazy is that? They have a lot of great things planned this summer for the kids. Taking them to the bowling alley, skating rink, petting zoo, pool, to some caves, out to eat, and having a carnival. The very last day they have a food fight. Lilly has already said that she will not be in the food fight. She will watch, but won't participate. Last year a few of the kids got sick and threw up. I guess its really gross.
Oh, I stopped by the book store in the mall to take a quick peek at the Book of Even More Awesome yesterday, but they didn't have it. I was very disappointed. Why?! Why don't they have it?? I couldn't even find the first Book of Awesome there either. What's the deal? I'm going to have to file a formal complaint or something.
Zach has been doing great eating baby food and being spoon fed. He loved his carrots last week, but this week, we started on green beans.
And here's just a really cute picture I took of him right before bathtime. He is almost always smiling these days, I love it!!

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