Thursday, October 13, 2011


The wake for grandpa is today and the funeral is tomorrow. I'm going to leave work early, go buy some formula since we are completely out, pick up the kids, get them home and ready. Tomorrow, the kids are just going to go about their usual day, day care and school. I'm going to take tomorrow off, so no update tomorrow.
Zach does this new thing, and its so adorable. He loves pillows and for the past few weeks, he will go over to a pillow and lay down with his head on it. He'll toss and turn and play for a bit, but its so cute. We have a pillow that we keep in the floor just so he can play with it. When we are at someone else's house, if we throw a pillow in the floor, he will rush over to it just to lay down. My mom said that she wants to get him a Pillow Pet for Christmas. Those Pillow Pets caused me so many headaches last year.
I've also been having the urge to smoke again. I haven't, but I've wanted to. I've been doing really good and haven't touched one in such a long time. So.. I've been eating a lot more. I came so close yesterday to ask someone if I can bum a cigarette. I'm very proud of myself that I didn't. I've just been extra super stressed lately and then you add in everything that's happening this week and I just wanna pull my hair out. Right now, I'm looking around my office and going through my desk to see if I have anything to munch on. I need to get this under control before I gain weight. I've been doing really well lately, watching what I eat and exercise more... but now is all down the crapper.
I apologize for my postings being so short lately.

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