Monday, October 17, 2011


Lilly did ok at the wake and the funeral. She asked a lot of questions, as I expected she would. She didn't cry until the funeral and I think it was mostly because her cousins were crying...that's what got to me. The whole family is doing ok. We spent everyday together since his passing. Hubby was taking it hard the day of the wake. I did what I could to comfort him. At the end of the funeral, a dove was set loose. We all went back to hubby's mom's house after and we stayed until real late. Here's a pic of the kids sleeping on the same pillow. So cute.
Saturday, hubby's mom pulled out Lilly's tooth.
Did you know that teeth are going for $5 now? Or at least the first tooth is. That's what her sister got when she lost her tooth and then a dollar for each one after that. Crazy.
Sunday I went to see some of my family. I drove my little brother around so he could buy a laptop. I've just been real busy this past week with everything going on and its just too much to type.
Still no word on the house that we want. Still waiting for it to come back on the market.... and no new house has come up in our price range that we like.

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