Monday, October 3, 2011

Rain rain, go away

Friday was hectic. I was here alone at work. My boss and the other assistant took the day off... at the end of the month... and at the end of the quarter. I was going crazy. I left work late and was trying so hard to be back at home before hubby left to go camping, but I just missed him. I was stuck in traffic and watched him as he pulled out of the driveway and drove right past me. After a horrible day like that, all I really wanted was 5 minutes with him. Me and Zach ended up playing and staying up late.
It rained all day Saturday. I found a break in the rain and took off to grandma's house. We stayed there for a few house before heading back home. Hubby came home late that night. Saturday night, Zach didn't sleep very well, he was up and crying every half an hour. I tried to just leave him alone and let him put himself back to sleep, but he didn't. I was exhausted. He was congested. I gave him some medicine and even did some saline drops, but he was still stuffy. Finally about 4:30 I put him in bed with me and hubby. If anything, he could crawl around a bit while I took 5 second naps. He ended up falling asleep until 7:00 after an hour of being excited about being in our bed. I am totally against letting kids sleep in the bed, but I just couldn't take it anymore that night and I couldn't think of anything else to do.
We didn't do much Sunday. I didn't even get the kitchen cleaned. We went to Walmart and then picked up McDonalds on the way home. That's about it. I get Lilly back today and get to keep her for 2 weeks. I got her costume Friday. I'll have to have her try it on tonight and take some pictures. Gonna take both the kids Sunday to get pictures done in their costumes. Very excited about that.
Here's a few pictures of Zach from this weekend at grandma's.


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