Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lilly's costume

I got Lilly back yesterday and we were all excited. Zach couldn't stop staring at her. She tried on her costume and she loves it!
There's no school today, so she is just hanging out at the YMCA playing. We're having a special election for governor today since ours took the senate seat after our other representative passed away. We've had a fill in, but they need an election to make things official and permanent.
We didn't really do anything special yesterday. Lilly played the Wii while Zach sat in his high chair and watched until he got bored. Then, I moved him to his walker while I washed dishes and cooked dinner. Hubby was out on a car wreck and then he had his weekly meeting at the fire station. This Sunday we are going to try to get the kids pictures done. A studio is going to the fire station like they do every year and takes photos of whatever you want. You, your family, your pets.... I've always gotten Lilly's done there, except for last year. I'm planning on getting pics of the kids in their costumes and then maybe a picture of them in their WVU gear and then maybe a normal picture.. but definitely in their costumes... maybe on a fire truck or something.
I've become obsessed with Christmas... and Halloween isn't even here yet. I've been making and updating spreadsheets on what to get who and comparing prices of some stuff. Really excited over Black Friday already too. I've been actively looking for ads, but none have come up yet... it'll be another month or so before they do, but I can still try. I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to save up money to get gifts. Both of the kids have their big gifts and a few little ones so far. Zach has the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Farm, a book, 2 soft cars. Lilly has a scooter, some shirts, some books and some craft stuff. I still want to get Lilly a camera and walkie talkies and then a bunch of little stuff and Zach a firetruck, activity cube and who knows what else. I have yet to get hubby anything. His stuff is what I'm most worried about saving money for. His gifts I want to get myself, but he will help with the kids.
Its just something about this time of year that gets me in the Christmas spirit.... even though its so far away.

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