Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Simone from Australia is getting married this weekend and I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell her to have fun and don't get upset if things don't go as planned. My wedding day was crazy. Hubby's niece passed out, the air conditioner didn't work (and it was the middle of summer), my bridesmaid's dresses didn't fit and they were all safety pinned so they wouldn't fall off, my flower girl (Lilly) ended up going barefoot, my mom lost her camera, the isle cloth got caught on everything and ripped... just little things. During the reception our cake started to melt and fall off the pillars and we even ran out of cake. Not everyone got a piece. No big deal. If things can go wrong, they probably will. My best friend got married a couple months ago and her cake fell completely off the table onto the ground. So here's my advice I guess... don't sweat the small stuff... its not the wedding day that is the reason you are getting married, its the days that follow. Good luck and I do hope its everything you imagine and hope it will be.

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  1. Hi Bekah!
    I'm Back!!!! & it really means a lot to me that you've written a post about me!
    I am happy to report, pretty much everything went to plan on the day, of course there were little hiccups, but I expected that! Everyone leading up to the wedding kept telling me to enjoy it & dont worry what happens, because there isn't anything you can do... And thats what I did. I made sure we enjoyed the entire day no matter what happened & was so happy with how everything turned out! I knew I wasn't getting married for the wedding, it was to be married to the man of my dreams for the rest of my life & so even leading up to the wedding, i bearly even stressed because it didnt matter. We were still getting married & that couldnt make me happier!
    Anyway I'll be back on awesome things now & i've spent the last hour catching up!
    Now I've got to spend the next hour catching up on your blog! :).
    I Hope all is well & hope your family are all happy and healthy.
    All the best,