Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where's my coffee?

Left work early Friday. Day care called me and said that it looked like Zach had pink eye, so I picked him up and took him to a doctor. Now...I didn't take him to his doctor cuz I tried to call and they were all out to lunch, so I figured I'd take him to this doctor's office by the house that's kind of like an emergency room, but not really. Its called Urgent Care, or it use to, or something. We sat in the waiting room for 2 1/2 hours and then in the patient room for another hour for the doctor, then another 1/2 an hour after that to be able to leave. I think next time I'll just wait for his doctor's office to finish with their lunch break and then call. It'll take less time that way. Zach's on eye drops now until Friday. He doesn't really seem to mind them. Oh, and he really liked that doctor that came to see him. As soon as the doc came through the door, Zach sat straight up and smiled. Here's a pic of Zach playing with the paper on the chair. It was the only thing that would occupy him. He wanted down in the floor so bad. Do you know how hard it is to keep a child out of the floor for 4 hours? It was exhausting!
Got to see mom Saturday. Lilly went to watch her sister in a cheerleading competition for a bit. Not really much more to say about that.
Sunday we had pictures done. The kids got some in their costumes and then we took some family pics in WVU shirts. I don't think I'm gonna like these pictures. I didn't like the poses, she didn't change the background for any of them. So, the ones with costumes and the family ones all have this horrible white background that looks like we are up against an old white barn. After that we had hubby's niece's birthday party to go to. Lilly had fun.
Yesterday I had my parent teacher conference at noon. The teacher said Lilly is doing very well and she's even going to put her in an advanced reading group. I asked about her talking, she said that Lilly is no trouble at all and doesn't talk too much. That was a big problem in Kindergarten. And I asked if Lilly got in a hurry and messed up cuz in Kindergarten she always wanted to be the first one done, it didn't matter if she was wrong or sloppy. Teacher said that Lilly doesn't do that at all. She's changed a lot and I'm very proud of her.
After that I picked up one of hubby's nephews, the one that's Lilly age and took the kids to McDonald's for lunch then to the playground. We were at the playground for nearly 3 hours before we headed into the school to look at the books for the book fair.

Neighbor invited us to go walking with her yesterday evening, so we did. I had Zach in the carrier sling thing and he was loving it. We walked mostly uphill for 2 miles. It was a workout. Lilly was complaining, but she made it. I really need to get out there and walk some more. I need to exercise and lose some weight.
Zach slept pretty good last night, but I couldn't. Hubby was at the hospital with his grandpa so I stayed awake until he got home, then Zach woke up once after that, but then I couldn't go back to sleep. I don't know why. I tried. So... my eyes are droopy this morning and I just really don't feel much like typing anymore.
Oh, and more pics are up here

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