Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parenting Fibs or Tricks

I read an article the other day that got me thinking. I began to think of little 'fibs' or tricks I tell and use on my kids or even ones I was told when I was growing up.
Of course there were the usual sayings my mom yelled at me over and over again
~ "Don't sit so close to the tv, you'll go blind."
~ "If you don't brush your hair, I'm going to shave you bald."
And then some I made up for my little brothers
~ The Easter bunny took your bottles, so you have to drink out of a cup now."
~ (After it had rained) "Drink this water, its rain water." (My little brothers would drink nothing but soda until I introduced rain water.)
~(this one I used on my brothers and have used on my own kids) "If you're not good, I'm going to call Santa!"
~ "You can't wear you new shoes out to play in because they don't make you run as fast as your 'play' shoes"
Here's some I've come up with as a parent
~ (When my daughter was little and liked to run away from me at the store/mall) "Stay with mommy, or the man will get you." (she was afraid of males for the longest time)
~ "Brush your teeth or they will fall out" (sort of not a lie)
~ "Eat your veggies and you'll be able to pick up a car one day." (this one hasn't worked)
~ When she was little I use to race her so she would eat. Whoever got done first won, but that all ended the day we were in a crowded restaurant and she yelled, "NO Mommy!!! Don't beat me!!"
~ I use to play 'see who can pretend to take a nap the longest' just to get her to take a nap
~ When she whines I tell her I can't understand her, then she talks normal.
These are just a few...I can't give away ALL my secrets. ;-)
Can you think of any that you were told as a kid or ones that you've told your younger siblings or children? Feel free to leave them in the comments or you can even tell me about it through email by using the email from my other blog...

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