Monday, December 19, 2011


Friday we finally decorated our tree. It still looks bare in some places. I decided that I don't want to hang anything on the tree unless it has meaning or was hand made. I don't want regular bulbs on the tree. I have quite a few ornaments that Lilly made in Kindergarten. I might make one of these nights be a craft night and we make some more. We haven't really had any problems with Zach messing with the tree. At first he would walk up to it and just touch one pink light and one ornament. Every time we walked by he would poke at them.. the same ones. After an entire night of telling him "no," he has quit. I even wrapped 2 gifts and put them under the tree to see if he would bother them. So far he hasn't paid any attention. When a toy rolls under the tree, he stands there and looks at it for a bit, then he slowly reaches for it and quickly rolls it away. He knows. I think we'll be ok and I can actually start wrapping now.
Saturday was Lilly last soccer game. She did excellent. During the last quarter, Zach was getting restless, so I took him behind one of the nets and he played back there, kicking and chasing a ball. The coach gave Lilly a certificate. The games were always held in a church and that day the church had sheep for their nativity scene. We took the kids to go look at the sheep. (pictures are all going to be at the bottom this time) That night we went to hubby's sister's house to make chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos. We didn't get home until 10:00, way past Lilly and Zach's bedtime.
Sunday I took Lilly for a girls day out with my mom. We went shopping and out to eat. I didn't buy much and I helped Mom pick stuff out for my brothers. I got Lilly a new stocking since her is Cinderella and she's just a bit too old for that now. I got her a real pretty purple one. I also bought her a shirt to wear on Christmas instead of her wearing her dress. I figured she'd end up getting hot in her dress and her dressy shoes were too big anyway. I couldn't find any Christmas outfits I liked for Zach, so I'm going to look today at the mall. After I dropped Mom back off to her car I headed to hubby's sister's house again. He was there with Zach finishing up the chocolate project. Saturday we used white chocolate. Sunday was regular chocolate day.

Christmas is only 6 days away now. I'm excited, so excited, but I'm also starting to dread it a little bit. Where in the world am I going to put all the kids' toys? I was hoping for a house soon and we'd only have to deal with the mess for a short time, but now that there's no house in our near future, I'm scrambling trying to find room. Oh... I didn't mention this Friday. We didn't get the house. There was a last minute offer that came in from a different real estate agency and they won. I wanted that house so much. It was perfect. It had a yard, it was away from other houses, it has trees...lots of trees, a basement, big bedrooms, newly remodeled kitchen and a huge deck. It was perfect.

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