Friday, December 16, 2011

Naked tree

We finally got our tree up last night, but its not decorated yet. We are going to do that today. There was just no time yesterday. I left work early to do some shopping, then I headed home to finish cleaning to make room for the tree. When hubby got home, we went to his parent's house so he and his dad could look at my car to try to fix it. The defroster wasn't working, but they fixed it. I left right after they were done to get Zach to take back to hubby so I can go back to the Y and watch Lilly at soccer practice. Day care gave me a book full of Zach's artwork. I have so many feet, finger and hand prints now. Its really cute. Here's one that I took out of the book to put in my office. Also... our naked tree and a picture of a snow globe Lilly drew for me....

After Lilly's practice, we rush home so everyone can eat and we can put up the tree. Well.............. we were having frozen pizza, I was getting a pizza out of the oven when I saw there was something in my way and I couldn't put the pan down. So, I reach with my other hand to move this object..... and I bump the burning hot pan that I was holding in my other hand. Here's what I did.

Here's what it looks like this morning.

It doens't hurt that much anymore. Looks like its going to leave a nice little scar. Right in the middle of the inside of my forearm.

Oh.. and yesterday while I was leaving work.. I had just pulled out of the parking garage and onto the road. I noticed a car coming through traffic and I thought, "Hmm... that looks like my old car. I bet its not though. I always think that its my car and then its not." But as it passed I looked at the back of the car, looking for a spoiler to prove that it wasn't my old car, but to my surprise, there was no spoiler but my fairy decals on the back window!! I saw my old car yesterday. I was so excited.

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