Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tuesday afternoon, I noticed that the house we want was up on a website, but not one that can be trusted. This website has listed houses that weren't actually for sale before. So, to be safe, I sent our realtor an email and she said that it was going to be officially listed on Wednesday. I asked her if we could meet and we set up a meeting for Wednesday at 4:00.
Wednesday morning, I wake up sick. I go do my thing and when I come back to bed, I nudge hubby and tell him he has to be the one to take the kids to the Y and that he needs to get up soon or he'll be late to work. Long story short, he was late. I ended up laying in bed all day and I was so sore. My muscles ached and my joints were stiff. My bed and pillow felt like I was laying on bricks. Then, around 2:00 I get up and make myself take a hot shower so I won't look too gross when I meet with the realtor. I was not going to miss that meeting.
Me and hubby get there and we sign our contract on the house and we make an offer. If they decide to go with us, he will continue further. If they don't decide to go with us, I will cry. This is the furthest we've ever gotten to owning a house. My fingers are crossed. The realtor said that there has been a lot of interest in this house. I don't want to get too excited in case we don't get it. I just really want this house.

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