Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tree's going up tonight...hopefully.

Woohoo!! Last night we got things cleaned and moved around to make room for our tree. Zach's bed has been relocated and a few things have been stashed away. We are ready to get our tree up and decorate today. I'm so excited. I'm leaving work early to get some little things cleaned before we get all Christmas-y. I was going to go shopping, but the money I was relying on failed to show.
We got our second offer on the house put in yesterday. We qualified for a little higher of a loan so we just went $1,000 more on our offer, that way we can use the money we have saved up for closing costs and an inspection... and to buy curtains. Our apartment only has 2 big windows. One big double window in the living room and the same thing in the bedroom. there is an itty bitty window in the kitchen, but I don't count that one. So, yeah... we need to buy curtains.
I was actually thinking yesterday... we started the year off by having a baby. Getting a house would be a great way to end a wonderful year. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.

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