Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday I got a call from our realtor wanting our best and highest offer...the problem is that hubby already offered our best and highest............ and then some. So I had to make a call to our mortgage lady to see if we can get a higher loan, but she won't be able to run our numbers until this morning. I feel like I can't breathe. We are sooooo close to owning a house. Our realtor told me there's us and one other offer on the house. At least there's not 10 offers or something and we aren't in a war, just a battle. My grandma said that she wanted to help us out, but I told her we wanted to be able to do this on our own. I don't want to take money from her that she might need later, too. We have to put our new offer in by noon today. Then... hopefully we will know by Friday.. or Monday at the latest (I'm hoping) if the house is ours or not. I'm so nervous.
How many days are left? 11 now? Wow!!! Tomorrow I'm going to leave work a bit early so I can head out to the store. There's one more thing I want to get hubby, Lilly and Zach. I also have to pick something up for hubby's nephew and cousin and get some groceries. I need to figure out how many picture frames I need and what sizes soon. I always have given out pictures of Lilly for Christmas and this year I have two little ones to give pictures of away. We still don't have our tree up yet. It kind of really makes me sad. 11 days and no tree. Next year, the tree and decorations are going up right after the first of December. Hubby's mom sent me a picture Monday night of her tree all decorated.
Still no snow either. Its odd to not have any snow this time of the year. We've had flurries once or twice, but nothing stayed. My mom got a little bit of snow a week or so ago. It was just enough to cover the ground. So, it looks like we aren't having a white Christmas this year. No biggie. One less thing I have to worry about I guess. It can snow the week after while I'm off work so I can take the kids out to play in it.

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