Monday, December 5, 2011

Favorite toys

I remember growing up I had a few toys that I loved and adored. First, I had this stuffed Koala bear that I had named Dollar. I remember the day I named it. I was trying to name it Daughter, but it came out as Dollar, and so it was. I had to have been 3 or so. I loved that thing. I carried it everywhere. I can't recall what exactly happened to it, but it disappeared. Shortly after that I got an orange stuffed cat I named Orange, original I know. I also got a Cabbage Patch doll. I don't remember her name, but I didn't have her long before I grabbed a pen and gave her chicken pox. I had Orange until I was about 7 when my parents divorced and I lost him in the move. After that, I don't really remember having any kind of attachment to a toy or anything of the sort. I do remember that year after my parents divorced the only present I got for Christmas was a little Mickey Mouse piano. I taught myself how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday on that thing. It kept me occupied through some tough times.
I guess after that my radio and walkman were my favorite things. That and my journal where I wrote endless poems and short stories. Those things got me through the next few years.
Anyway, I bring this up because I see on tv where kids have strong attachments to toys or have security blankets and such. I don't think I was so attached to any toy that I couldn't function without it. Thankfully neither of my kids have a strong attachment... yet anyway. Zach's still a little young to know for sure.
Lilly's favorite stuffed animal is a little butterfly my best friends gave her last year for Christmas. She sleeps with it, but she doesn't NEED it to sleep. Other than that, I don't think she has another favorite toy or anything. She plays with all her toys equally.
Zach has recently become attached to one of Lilly's toys. Its the Fisher Price laugh and learn dog. I got him one for Christmas, so at least I know he'll like it. Lilly's had hers since her first Christmas. He also loves this other dog from V-tech. It hangs on his bed and when you push its nose it lights up and sings. I can't wait until Christmas when he gets more toys. When he was just a couple months old, he was very attached to this blue dog that had that crinkle stuff in it. I always made sure I had that thing wherever we went. I guess he grew out of it or forgot about it.
Oh, Lilly had a blanket. I remember now. It was one that the hospital gave us when she was born. It was white, pink and blue. She called it her blue blanket. She had to have that thing to sleep with until she was about 4... even for naps. How could I have forgotten about that thing? My youngest brother also had a blanket he needed. He didn't get it until he was about 5, it was an Elmo blanket. He still has it, but I don't think he still sleeps with it.
What about you? Have you had a favorite toy that you just absolutely loved?

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