Monday, December 12, 2011

Visit from Santa

Its been a busy weekend! Saturday we got Lilly back after her soccer game. She did a fantastic job too. You can tell she is getting way better and understands the game more. She was passing the ball and helping out her team instead of being a ball hog and she was still scoring goals. She scored about 4 this time.
After her game we went to hubby's parent's house so he could help his dad unjam a gun. Lilly wrote her letter to Santa and then we played. That night we went to the fire station for the Christmas dinner. Everyone was dressed up. Hubby was in his uniform for the fire station, Lilly had on her Santa dress from last year that still fits and her new shoes I let her have as an early Christmas present, Zach was wearing black overall bibs and a fire truck onsie, I was in my dress pants and a nice red sweater. We get there and I get Zach set up in his high chair and then I spend the next 10 minutes trying to get to my seat beside him, but people were in my way. By the time it had cleared enough for me to get by, someone took my seat! Now... would you sit beside a baby in a high chair when the only other person next to him is a 6 year old girl? Who's going to feed him? Would you? NO? Really... then why in the world would you sit there?! I was upset over that. After the lady got up to get food, I moved Zach to the end of the table, on the other side of Lilly where there was room for me. Then I picked him up and the 3 of us went to get food.
While we ate there was a slide show of the fire fighters playing, and you could tell who put it together. Some of the wives did the whole thing and just about every other picture was their husband or their kids. Ok.. I'm going to skip ahead a bit. Santa came at the end of the night. I had to change Zach since he wet himself, so we ended up being the last people in line. Lilly got up there, no problem, but Zach was not a fan. I was told that he was smiling when he first sat on Santa's knee and started crying when Santa turned his head to look at him. I didn't get to see him smiling. I had people walking and standing in front of me even though I was right in front of Santa with my camera out. So.... here's some pics...

Sunday we went to a birthday party. It was at one of those bouncy house places. Zach wasn't a fan of the bouncy houses. Lilly played hard and Zach just walked around and chased balloons. Santa was here too and I was hoping Zach would like him this time since he was so tired the night before. NOPE! Here's some pictures from there too.

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