Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More houses

I got more gifts wrapped last night. Under the tree is looking pretty good right now. Zach was asleep when I did it all, so we will see how he does today when we get home. I have most of my family wrapped and only hubby's niece's gifts done. I'm hoping to finish up the rest of the family tonight and only have the kids and hubby to do this Friday when I take off work.
Remember when I burnt myself last week on a pizza pan? Well... this is what it looks like now... its kind of gross. I've been putting medicine on it and taking care of it, but it still looks like this and still hurts. Zach scratched it the other day and I screamed like a little baby.

We are going to look at a couple houses today. I'm really not feeling up to it. Not getting that last house was a big loss for me. It was like going through a really hard break up and I'm just not ready to start dating yet, ya know? The houses look great from the pictures online, but they don't really look like something I would want to live in. One is a mid-entry. I really don't like mid-entries. You're always going to be going up or down stairs. The house looks nice though and its a 2 car garage with a big back yard that's a bit unlevel. The other house is right beside this one. Its the last house on a dead end street. One story with a big basement. Both houses actually have the exact same square footage. The yard is smaller and there's no garage on this one. There's a cemetery right next to the houses and a horse stable down the hill. The cemetery doesn't bother me, its the smell from the stables during the summer that I'm not too keen on.  Maybe I'll fall in love with one of the houses and forget all about the other house we didn't get. I'll letcha know tomorrow.

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