Friday, December 9, 2011

How many days left?

Ok, I've been dying to scream that and now that I have it out of my system I feel better.
I had this idea for my grandparents. For my dad's parents, I want to get them soup bowls that have a little place built in for crackers. I have found some online, but I have yet to secure them. They eat soup seriously all the time. Its actually a toss up between those bowls and some other bowls that look like they have the Campbell soup label around them. For my mom's parents I was thinking about making them something. I was going to put some lights and potpourri in a Mason jar. It doesn't seem like much, but its pretty and I know they will like it. My grandma cans her own veggies. I just gotta get all the stuff together and find the time to do it.
I heard a lot of bad news yesterday; another shooting at Virginia Tech and a 5 alarm fire in St. Louis. Hubby went to a funeral last night of a volunteer fire fighter that died on duty. He was looking over a bridge to locate a fire (railroad ties had caught fire) and he fell a few days ago. The guy who actually set fire to the tracks turned himself in Wednesday.
This weekend is full of stuff to do. Tomorrow, Lilly has a soccer game and I get her back after that from her father. Then, we have a Christmas dinner to go to at the fire station and Santa is going to be there. I bought Lilly some dressy shoes, they are adorable, for her to wear tomorrow. She hasn't seen them yet. I wrapped them up and I'm going to tell her its an early Christmas present. I know she'll be excited. I just hope they fit. Sunday, we have a double birthday party to go to at one of those inflatable jumping places.... and Santa is going to be there too. I definitely have to charge my camera tonight.

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