Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I was not impressed at all by the houses we looked at. First of all, when we walked into the first house, there was a cage right by the front door with birds in it. A lady, that lives in the house we were going to look at next, came running over and barged into the house. She stayed there right beside the cage the entire time we looked at the house! I thought it was completely rude and inconsiderate. We had no privacy at all, we couldn't voice our thoughts about the house to each other or anything. This house was full of stuff. It was supposed to be empty, but the lady that barged in had stuff stored there. The person who lived in this house was her mother-in-law. The house smelled horrible of cigarettes, the kitchen was a mess, and the den was packed to the ceiling of stuff. We couldn't even walk into this room to look at it. There was a bunch of random holes in the walls all over the house. The bedrooms were small and the capet in the basement needed replaced along with the double doors downstairs too. The lady that lived there had dogs and apparently, they lived downstairs. The yard was the only nice thing about the house. There were a decks built almost all around the house and that would have been nice, but they were falling apart.
So, giving up on this house, we head next door... and the lady that had barged in to be with her birds came along too! This was her house we were going into and I guess she just had to be there too. There was a reason we made an appointment to come see the houses.... so no one would be home!! Anyway... this house is a mid-entry which I don't really like anyway. The downstairs looked ok. There was a small room with nice double doors that led to the back yard, which was a bit uneven, but big. The garage was ok too, but the decks downstairs were falling apart. We moved upstairs into the uneven kitchen. The floor was sloped a lot. The bedrooms were small, the bathrooms weren't impressive at all and the living room was a head shaker.
Come to find out that the properties between the houses were all screwed up. The white fenced that belonged to the mid-entry house was on the property of the first house and the sidewalk of the first house was half on the property of the mid-entry house. The big grown over garden of the first house was halfway over on the mid-entry houses property. It was a mess. When we went outside to discuss what we thought of the houses with our realtor, the lady with the birds followed us!!! We just told our realtor that we'll talk to her later and we left. We were both disappointed in the houses.

Christmas is only 4 days away!! Lilly goes to her father's tomorrow and she's going to have Christmas with him on Christmas Eve. I kinda hope he didn't get her the things I got her. The big stuff I got her was a Figit, a scooter and a Leapfrog Explorer with 2 games.
My little brother texted me last night wondering if I would take him to get another tattoo. This would be his second one; I took him to get his first one shortly after he turned 18 back in March. I told him the only day I could do it was Friday, but I need to make sure I have time to wrap gifts since that's really the only day I can do it. I think he's wanting to get the Celtic Knot in a triangle shape.
Tomorrow is our Christmas party here at work. We do a White Elephant gift exchange and the theme is drinking. Friday is the beginning of my vacation!

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