Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping busy

So this weekend was pretty busy. I'll try not to bore you with so many details.
Lilly had a game Friday and then she went home with her father. Me, hubby and Zach took off to hubby's uncles "camp" for the night. Zach did really good there. He slept fine and was happy the whole time. We had a cookout Saturday and then we headed home. Sunday we got up early to go 4-wheeling. Hubby's mom watched Zach for a while then she passed him on to hubby's sister. We rode from 9:30 in the morning to 4:00. It was ok. The people we went with was really annoying. We didn't go with our usual group, but there were some from our group there. The new people.... I didn't really care much for them. I don't want to ride with them again.
Monday, hubby had to work until noon so I took Zach out to get hubby's bday present then after hubby got home we went for a cookout at his sister's house. I started Zach out on fruit Monday.... bananas. Oh, does he love his bananas!! He even got in the pool for a bit... until he spit up his bananas in it, then everyone got out. It was just a little kiddie pool.
Yesterday I took the day off to clean. I got up at my usual time and took Zach to the Y. Lilly was still with her father cuz I let him keep her an extra day. I'm nice like that sometimes. I cleaned from 6:30 until 3:30. I worked 3 1/2 hours on the living room alone. I cut my pinkie on some glass from a picture frame and cut my palm on something but don't know what. I sneezed my head off from all the dust. I can't remember the last time I dusted. Sad I know. I did take a 10 minute break to take canned food and an extra pair of clothes to school for Lilly. The school is doing a canned food drive and yesterday was Lilly's field day and they had some water stations, so I took her some clothes. After that, I went back to cleaning. The apartment looks so nice now. I can't recall the last time it was this clean. I didn't have time to do much with the kitchen, I did get the table cleaned off and the floor swept, but I didn't get to do the dishes.
I was really wanting to get some sleep yesterday. My original plan was to come back home after dropping Zach off and go back to bed for a bit, but I didn't get to. There was just too much to do.
Lilly had a game yesterday, too. She did so great. She is getting so much better and is having so much fun doing it. I did feel really bad for her cuz it was so hot, but she didn't seem to mind. She complained a bit before the game and I told her, "The faster you run, the more wind you make." And I guess that helped her cuz she didn't complain a bit after I told her that. Me and hubby took water bottles for the team in case someone didn't have one and one parent gave out popsicles after the game.
Today is hubby's birthday. He's 34 today. I asked him yesterday if he wants to go out for dinner or if he wants me to cook for him and all he says is, "I don't know." I asked him what his favorite food is so I can cook it for him (I felt bad cuz I should know what his fav food is, but I don't) and all he said was, "I don't know." I have no idea what to do for him. If I'm going to cook, then I gotta wash dishes. If we're going out, then I need to know where. I'd hate to pick a place and him not like it or be in the mood for that kind of food. I was thinking Mexican food, but I don't know.
Here's cute pic of Zach I got while we were at the camp. Tomorrow I'll post Lilly's ball picture.

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