Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Friday I got a phone call from the realtor that we're using and she told met that the house we want is back on the market! So... we went to take one more look at it by ourselves to make sure its what we want. We have a few more questions about the house and when we get the answers, we are making an offer. I'm so excited. I just hope we can get it done before someone else this time.
We did look at one other house that day, but it was smaller and I really didn't like the floor plan... and it was $30,000 more than the other house.
Hubby left Friday night to go to his uncles camp to help do some stuff. Now... in the evening the sun always hits our biggest window and it heats up the apartment like crazy. I didn't think anything about the apartment getting warmer, until it was 9:00 and it was still getting warmer. It kept getting hotter and hotter, the air conditioner was on... but it was just blowing air, nothing cool. I changed the filter around midnight hoping that would help, but it didn't. I didn't sleep at all and Zach was just miserable. I packed me a bag and him a bag and I was ready to call my grandma to tell her we were coming. It was 86 degrees. But... Zach finally calmed down a bit and I didn't want to wake him to take him and I didn't want to wake my grandma up. I know that she's up at all hours of the night, but I still was weary of calling her. Finally at 6 in the morning I had had enough and I took a quick shower and we took off.
We stayed at grandma's for a couple hours before I finally got a hold of hubby to give me the landlord's phone number. Hubby wanted me to go home and clean the kitchen up first... really? So, I called my mother-in-law to watch Zach because I didn't want him in the hot apartment. I get home and its 86 degrees in there and it was going to be a hot day. As soon as I stepped in I called the landlord and left a message and got to work. I washed dishes and did a load of laundry. I hooked up our portable dishwasher and decided to go to the store for some formula... and air conditioning. By now it was 90 degrees in there. I get to the store and the landlord calls me and tells me that he'll be right over. He lives maybe 15 minutes away, so I hurried out of the store to go home. I sit and wait and wait and wait for nearly an hour before he pulls in the driveway.
He says that he's going to check to see if it needs freon. He climbs up on the roof were the unit is and checks it. He says there is no pressure so he's going to leave to go get some, he'll be half an hour at the most. I go get ice cream while he's gone and its melting faster than I can eat it. An hour later he comes and so does his nephew who works on air conditioners for a living. They figure out that a little part is broken and needs replaced. Unfortunately, all the places they can get it is closed. The landlord leaves anyway in hopes of finding one. And hour and a half later he comes back and says he didn't find any. They put a temporary part on and it works fine. The temperature got up to 95 degrees before they got it fixed. I stayed and made sure that it was actually going to work and I left to go hang out with my mother in law and Zach. Hubby came back home Saturday night, he missed all the fun.
Sunday we all went to hubby's sister house to watch a college football game between the two state rivals. It eventually got rained out. I don't know if they got to finish or not. Last time I checked, the banner going across the bottom said they were on a lightning delay.
Yesterday was just a lazy day. We didn't do much. I did laundry and played with Zach. Zach was having one of his 'I want my mommy' days. He didn't want to do anything but be by me or one me and when he wasn't he fussed and cried. We eventually ended up going grocery shopping. It looks like he's getting another tooth, it'll be in within a few days and another one a few days after that. The two top teeth. I'm excited so be able to feed him real food. I gave him some fruit to suck on over the weekend. He likes pineapple, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe... and I even gave him some chili.
We get Lilly back today. I hope her weekend was great. They were taking her camping. I just hope that she didn't get too hot or sunburnt or rained on. It rained most of the day Sunday and all day yesterday.. and its still raining. I also hope her father got my text last night telling him that today is gym day to make sure she's wearing tennis shoes and to pack her a lunch.
Well... I just emailed our realtor to see if she got the information we were wanting. Lets all cross our fingers that she did so we can make an offer.

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