Monday, September 19, 2011

Making an offer...hopefully

So... I am going downstairs today to the mortgage area and see if we are still approved for a loan. If we are, then we are going to make an offer on the house that I fell in love with. We didn't even go look at the other house. Hubby and his dad were up looking around the outside of the house I want when a van full of people pulled up to wait for a realtor to let them look in. I guess that tripped a switch in hubby's brain and now he's ready. I'm very excited, I just hope we are still approved. I need all of you to cross your fingers for us.
Saturday we all got up early, packed and headed down the road to hubby's uncle's 'farm' for the annual cookout/campout. The food was good. I ate until I couldn't eat anymore. Zach even had some. Some people brought clay targets and a launcher and everyone brought guns. We went out shooting after we ate. Hubby's oldest nephew was great at it, he barely missed any. Hubby was a little shaky at first, but after a while, he was hitting every one. I only tried for 10 targets and hit 2. Hubby's sister tried for almost an entire box of 90 and hit maybe 5. The little kids were wanting to shoot guns too, but all these were big shotguns. Hubby's brother-in-law got out a little 4/10 for his 7 year old son to shoot. He showed him how to aim and stand, but he didn't show him how to hold it right against his shoulder. He fired and it kicked back and knocked him to the ground. Lilly started crying saying she didn't want to shoot now, but I got out my little pistol that I carry in my purse sometimes (yes, I'm licenced to do so) and she said she would give that a go. I showed her how to stand and hold it and made sure her hands were all in the right spot. I showed her how to aim and she shot it once. She didn't hit the target, but she did good. (one thing I've learned is... if there's going to be guns in the house, not only do you lock it up, but you teach your kids gun safety. You get all these kids out there who are intrigued and end up shooting themselves because no one taught them anything about guns. I'm going to make sure my kids know the importance of safety and how to properly handle a gun. They are going to be hunting with me one day.)
Anyway... After that, Lilly and most of the other kids went fishing and I went back to the house to check on Zach. He was still sleeping. I woke him up and hubby's parents went up to the pond with me and Zach. By the time I got there, Lilly was bored with fishing.
All in all it was a good weekend. Came home yesterday and unpacked and finished laundry. I'm just hoping that we get approved for that house. PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Crossing my fingers for you! :)