Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nothing New

Nothing new to really report on. Going to look at 2 houses today and hopefully one will be the one for us. I do have a couple new pics at Go check them out. A few is on there you haven't seen yet. A picture of my mom and Zach is up and one of Zach and hubby with a blur of a dog.
Oh............ Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. is representing West Virginia on America's Got Talent. I know its too late to even ask you to vote for him, but I just wanted to throw his name out there. I'm glad that there is a very talented man up there and is proud of where he is from. I do hope he wins. I think his performance was the best last night. If you have access, watch AGT tonight.
Yep... that's about it. I'll update you on the houses tomorrow.
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