Monday, September 12, 2011

Spending Time With Family about a busy weekend. Zach has 4 teeth now. The top two came through.
Friday, we went shopping for some food to make and take to the family reunion. We ended up getting stuff so I can make a white chocolate cheesecake.
Saturday, we got up early, got everyone ready, picked up hubby's dad and took off. Lilly had the portable DVD player and was watching movies. Zach fell asleep for a little bit and I read the material I need to read for my training at work. Almost 3 hours later, we get there. Zach woke up when we were about 45 minutes away and Lilly's movie ended about 20 minutes away. Both were getting kind of fussy.
We got there way too early. They were still setting up tables. There was 2 hours left before it was time to eat and Lilly was yelling that she was starving. She didn't eat her breakfast like I told her to. I did end up sneaking her a strawberry. She was happy with that. Hubby, Lilly, me, Zach and one other little boy went outside and played frisbee for a bit.
Then, it was time to eat. The food was wonderful. There was fruit, pasta salad, sweet potato casserole, spaghetti, rolls, egg salad, grape salad, macaroni salad, broccoli salad, ham, pork, chips, green beans, potato casserole. Zach ate a big bowl of the sweet potato casserole. Then for dessert there was my cheesecake, 3 different kinds of cupcakes, a chocolate cake, apple pie, apple crumble pie, lemon cake, lemon bread, and I'm sure there was more, but I can't remember. I got Lilly a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing on top. She took 10 minutes to lick the icing off then she took a big bite out of the cupcake and said, "EW!" and showed me that it had chocolate icing on the inside of it too. It was made that way. She thought it was gross. I told her that its the same icing that was all over her face, but she wouldn't eat it. It was actually a good day. Both kids had fun and hubby got to catch up with family. Then we had to drive the almost 3 hours back home. Both kids fell asleep, but Zach woke up about 45 minutes away from home and cried the last 15. Lilly slept through his screaming.

(there is something wrong with my camera on my phone. It's making everything look blurry and pixalated. I haven't changed any of the settings, so I have no idea what is wrong with it)
Sunday we got to go to my moms house. It was fun there too. All my little brothers were there and we laughed and played around. Hubby was even having a good time. We all played Uno and it was one of the best games of Uno I've ever played. It was so much fun. Zach and Lilly played around with mom's dog until she tried to bite Zach. Both kids had fun there too. They played and wore themselves out. Zach ended up taking an hour nap there. Hubby went and woke him up so he could visit with my step dad when he got home. We had to take Tony back to my dad's house when we left which isn't too far out of our way. Both kids fell asleep and slept until we got home.
The title is my awesome thing of the day. **spending time with family**
There was ceremonies galore yesterday for police, fire fighters and soldiers. Hubby didn't want to go, but a lot of people from the fire station went. Hubby's dad went to one. Everywhere was packed.
Hopefully tomorrow we are going to look at another house. We had looked at the outside of it and hubby really liked it. I'm not so sure since its up on a big hill. We haven't seen the inside yet because when I called about it, it was way out of price range. Well.... Friday it dropped almost $30,000 and its almost where we need it to be. We are going to make an appointment to look at it and if we like it we can cross our fingers that they'll take less than what they have it listed for.

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