Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I really need a vacation

Hubby's sister planned a vacation to take this week with her husband without having a babysitter lined up for her kids. She has 4, but is taking the youngest one with her. I think I've mentioned this. Yesterday was our first day staying there. It was hectic. I picked up my kids and headed home to pack. Hubby came home and took Lilly with him and I was left with Zach to pack for everyone. I couldn't get anything done. He was right at my feet the entire time trying to climb all over me. I finally got packed and everything to the car, but had to go get gas in my car and go to the store so Lilly would have stuff for snack and lunch at school.
I get to hubby's sisters house and its near the little ones bedtimes. We get everyone showered and put to bed only to find out that his sister didn't do laundry. There's hardly any clean towels... and there's only half a roll of toilet paper. Neither me or hubby got much sleep because the bed is so hard and kind of lumpy and the pillows are flat. Hubby's stopping by our place today to get our pillows. Hopefully that'll help a little. Lilly slept just fine. She had no problem going to sleep and didn't wake up at all. Zach is sleeping in what he would sleep in if he was home, a pack and play, but its not his. He didn't seem to care. He woke up twice, but the second time was tiring. He got up at 3:30 and I got him to sleep, but when I put him down, he woke back up. He did this to me 3 times. Finally at 5:30, I got him to go back down, but then it was time for me to start getting ready for work.
Our house.... oh, our house that we want. The bank is going forward with the foreclosure and its being auctioned off on the court house steps on Tuesday. So.. that means that we still have a chance at it. If I didn't like this house so much, I'd just forgot about it by now. We're hoping at the auction that we'll be able to get the house for half of what we were going to offer. Neither one of us has ever done anything like this so we are nervous. We don't have the house yet, but neither does anyone else.

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