Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We didn't get it.
The opening bid for the house was not as high as the bank was willing to go. They were going to go as high as $30,000 more than the minimum bid. The guy told us that we can outbid his low bid, but then he would outbid us. If that was the deal, then why wasn't the higher number the minimum bid? Now, we are waiting for the bank to turn around and put it back on the market. I hope they don't go too high, but I'm sure they will. Yesterday was just a big disappointment.
I guess it just wasn't meant to be....right? Things happen for a reason....right? I am just so eager to get out of our itty bitty apartment and into our own home where the kids can have room to grow. I am ready. I've been ready. It just seems like every time we find a house that we both like, it slips through our fingers regardless of what we do. Its very disheartening.

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