Friday, September 2, 2011

No go on the house

I had to leave work early to get Zach. Day care called me and I could hear him in the background crying and screaming. The teacher said he's been crying ever since I dropped him off. He won't eat or sleep, all he does is cry. So, I left to get him. When I got there he was asleep on one of the teachers shoulders. I picked him up and put him in his car seat and he started crying again. As soon as I get to the car, though, he stopped. He was himself again and I had no problem out of him the rest of the day.
Well..... we went to look at that house yesterday. It was junk. The floors were sagging, some rooms were just crooked, some light switches and vents were taped in place, half the lights didn't work, there was holes in the walls, the porch was falling apart, the garage leaked.... but the yard was unbelievable. Huge back yard with 2 big trees in each corner.
We go today to look at 2 more houses. I'm already not a fan of them because one is straight up a hill and the other is down a narrow side road and big hill where people drive crazy. We lose nothing by looking at them, so why not?
Lately, Zach has decided that something tastes better than his baby food... his toes. With just about every bite he takes of food, he pops that toe in his mouth. I finally managed to get a picture yesterday.

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