Thursday, September 1, 2011

House time?

I've fed Zach mashed potatoes and watermelon. I do think that is the only solid foods he's had. Apparently, he should be starting finger foods now. I know that I'm introducing foods to him slower than I did for Lilly, but he just got his second tooth. I've been waiting on those teeth to come in before I gave him certain foods. Last night I tried out some of those Gerber star things that melt in his mouth. It was banana flavor, his favorite. I put one in my hand and he played around with it, not putting it in his mouth. I was a bit baffled. Everything goes in his mouth, why not this? I finally put one in and he made a face and kept his mouth opened. The star was stuck to his upper gums. After a while he closed his mouth and spit it out. We waited a few minutes and tried again. This time, he put it in his own mouth, but quickly let it fall right back out. He was more interested in holding it in his hands and playing with it that he was eating it.
He likes to crawl around, especially in places he knows he can't go. Just about every time we put him down, he head straight for either the bathroom or the dishwasher. At day care, the first thing he does is head straight for the door to go into the hallway.
We get to look at a house today and I have my fingers crossed that its in better shape than we think. Today is going to be a long day only because I'm anticipating that appointment. It does sound like a nice house, but its just so old. It might not have things that it needs or be structurally sound. I hope someone fixed it up over the years. I shall report on it tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me that's its decent.
Lilly is off to her father's today and they are all going camping this weekend. She doesn't know yet. I hope she has fun. I won't see her again until Tuesday. Monday is a holiday, so he'll get to keep her an extra day. She's doing good in school so far. She hasn't gotten into any trouble with her talking or anything. I do like her teacher.
I know I haven't put my awesome thing of the day up for a while, but so much is going on that's its just too difficult to pick just one thing. I'm excited about looking at houses and maybe getting one soon. I'm excited about Lilly doing so well in school. I'm excited about Zach getting his teeth in. OOOOhhhhhh... **baby's first solid foods and the faces they make**

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